Official Pokemon Survey Asks If Fans Want More Open World Games

Pokemon has really spoiled its fans when it comes to new games these past couple of years, launching multiple new titles to celebrate turning 25. There will be more to come though, of course, and Nintendo wants to know what you want to see from Pokemon in the future. Whether it be more open world exploration, another remake, or perhaps even a long-awaited sequel.

A number of people who are signed up to Nintendo's mailing list have received a survey, a question from which has found its way onto Reddit (thanks, GamesRadar). The reason the question below has caught so many people's attention is because it may well hint at what Pokemon games could be in the pipeline. It asks what trainers would like to see next, giving a number of different options.

Those options include open world games like Scarlet & Violet, or linear stories as are the standard in almost every other mainline Pokemon game. It has already been revealed that players will be able to explore Scarlet & Violet's Paldea region in whatever order they like. Trainers have previously had to follow a journey, visiting most gyms in a certain order and various areas of a region being locked until you have completed a number of other tasks.

The other options on Nintendo's Pokemon survey include more remakes, and even more sequels. The examples given for those options will have excited some trainers, giving them hope that there will be more entries in the Mystery Dungeon series. It also hints that there will be more remakes akin to 2021's Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

A question on a survey isn't indicative of what is definitely to come, of course. The whole point of asking Pokemon fans this question is so developers can figure out what to do next. It was recently revealed that work on Scarlet & Violet started three years ago. That means even if Pokemon reacted to the survey results immediately, new games based on the most popular replies won't be here until at least 2025.

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