Old School RuneScape Makes Changes To Soul Wars Minigame Less Than 24 Hours After Launch

Yesterday marked the arrival of the Soul Wars minigame in Old School RuneScape – a minigame that was launched as part of RuneScape’s 20th anniversary celebrations. However, less than a day after release, Jagex is already stepping in to improve the player experience.

“We’ve been sifting through your feedback and would like to suggest a number of content changes,” wrote the OSRS team. “Some of these are ready to go, while others need to wait until next week’s reboot.” Updates are planned to go out in three different waves – some have been rolled out today, others will go live next week, and a third wave won’t be deployed until the community has provided more feedback.

Here are a few of the changes that went live today:

  • Activity bar will now deplete in 150 seconds instead of 120.
  • Ultimate Ironmen can now use looting bags for inventory management.
  • Spoils of War loot table adjusted to reduce quantities of runite ore, seeds, dragon items, and rune items.
  • Players can no longer use items like the Ring of Stone.
  • Confirmation check before leaving the waiting area.

Next week you’ll see even more changes, primarily fixing graphical hiccups and adding a few quality-of-life improvements.

There are also three changes Jagex wants to get player input on before adding to Soul Wars. These include reworks to grouping mechanics – all players will be randomly assigned a team – removing the delay when using bandages, and the addition of new rewards.

While Soul Wars definitely has a few issues, there’s still a lot of fun to be had with the minigame. If you’re able to land in a match that isn’t completely lopsided, most players seem to be enjoying the competitive atmosphere it has to offer. Jagex is great with taking community feedback before implementing new content, and players aren’t shy about voicing their opinion. Because of this, it shouldn’t take long to turn Soul Wars into a polished minigame.

To learn more about the coming changes, visit the official Old School RuneScape website.

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