Outriders: A Complete Guide On Mods

Every item in Outriders rolls with randomized stats, giving you a reason to farm for the same legendaries. Items that are at least rare also have mods, game-changing perks that provide the core identity of an item.

Unlike most looter shooters, Outriders lets you swap these mods between your items, even if they originated from a legendary. This allows for some absurd build potential that few games in this genre can match. As flexible as this system is, learning how it works can be somewhat intimidating if you’re new to the genre. In this guide, we’ll give a breakdown of what mods are, how to unlock them, and some of the mods you can expect as you carve a path through Enoch.

What Are Mods?

Mods are unique perks that add unique functionality to your weapons and abilities. Weapons can equip weapons mods that add new effects, and armor can equip armor mods that alter your abilities or grant powerful buffs. Mods come in three tiers, each tier providing stronger bonuses and more exotic effects.

There is a mod cap that’s determined by your item’s rarity:

  • Rare: One mod
  • Epic: Two mods
  • Legendary: Two mods

While epic and legendary items have the same mod cap of two, legendaries always come with tier three mods.

Mods with the same name cannot stack, even if they are in a different mod tier. Additionally, you cannot stack armor mods with each other. For example, you can’t stack the Trickster’s Additional Mag mod on all of your armor to get six magazines worth of Twisted Rounds. If you have duplicates of the same mod, the game will highlight that mod in red when you hover over that item in your inventory.

How To Obtain Mods

Every mod in Outriders is obtained by dismantling items that have a rarity of rare or higher. You can dismantle items either from the inspection screen or by marking items for dismantling (right-click on PC). Once dismantled, you will permanently have access to that mod through the crafting interface. Mods are character bound.

Note: You can give your alternate characters certain mods by crafting items with mods they need. Craft an item with a certain mod you want on your alternate character, place it in your stash, then log into your alternate character. Dismantle the item from your stash to learn the mod. This trick allows you to share most of your mod library across all of your characters.

Can I Tell Which Mods I Own?

Yes! When viewing an item in your inventory, check for a square icon to the right of the mod. If you see that icon, you already have that mod unlocked on your character. If not, dismantling the item will unlock that mod in your collection.

Mod Tiers

All mods in Outriders come in one of three tiers. The higher the tier, the stronger the mod is. The rarity of your item determines which mod tiers it can roll with:

  • Tier One: Rare, Epic, and Legendary
  • Tier Two: Epic and Legendary
  • Tier Three: Legendary

Strangely, crafted mods don’t have rarity restrictions. You can apply any tier of mod onto any item with a mod slot (rare or higher). The inverse is also true: you can apply lower-tier mods onto epics and legendaries.

Tier One

Initially found on rares, tier one mods are the backbone of most characters while leveling or in the midst of gearing. This tier contains basic damage and utility effects for weapon mods. Armor mods provide build-altering benefits such as new effects, additional uses, and faster cooldowns.


  • Shield Maiden (Weapon): Shots add a small amount of shield.
  • Fireworks (Weapon): Shots create an explosion that deals X damage to enemies within a 6-meter radius. Cooldown of 3 seconds.
  • Cleansing Wind (Technomancer): Activating Fixing Wave removes negative statuses from allies and grants 5 seconds of immunity from them.

Tier Two

Epics are when you’ll first start seeing tier two mods. Besides offering more powerful variants of tier one mods, tier two mods focus more on providing on-kill effects. Replacing your dodge with a phase shift, detonating corpses after an opponent dies, and gaining a stacking damage buff for killing targets are just a few things you can expect at this tier. Class-specific mods seem to be rather rare at this tier.


  • Phantom Dash (Armor): During combat, your default roll is replaced with Phantom Dash, which enables you to quickly pass through enemies.
  • Gale of Protection (Weapon): Killing shots grant you a bullet-stopping gale for 5 seconds.
  • Perseverance Munitions (Armor): Whenever your Health drops below 30%, increase your Firepower by X for 5 seconds.

Tier Three

Only found on legendaries, tier three mods offer the most potent effects in Outriders. These mods have powerful on-hit and on-kill effects, skill alterations that fundamentally change your playstyle, and effects that mimic what other classes provide. These mods are as strong as they come.


  • Golem Rising (Weapon): Killing an enemy grants you a protective Golem effect for 5 seconds.
  • Martial Arts (Armor): Reduces the cooldown of your melee skill by 50%.
  • Ammo Bargain (Trickster): While Twisted Rounds is active, killing shots replenish 20% of the ammo in your magazine.

If you want to see what each mod does in Outriders, visit the Outriders Fandom Wiki.

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