Outriders: All Journal Locations In Rift Town

Journals are the collectibles in Outriders that can be unlocked by simply progressing through the main story campaign. But, there are some that are found laying around in the wild. Today, we are going to discuss the locations for every Journal in the Rift Town in Outriders.

There are a total of eleven Journals located in Rift Town. If you don’t know, Rift Town is the starting point of the main story campaign in Outriders. This is where you meet Shira Gutmann again after all those years.

Location One: Shira’s Journal

This journal is found right where you spawn in the Rift Town outside Shira’s office. Head back towards the stairs and you’ll find this first one there.

Location Two: The Relocation

The first six journals are found in the first Camp. For the first journal “The Relocation” you will need to go down the stairs after spawning outside Shira’s office.

Once on the ground floor, you’ll see a non-interactable vendor inside a tent with an empty space right beside it. There, you’ll find this first journal.

Location Three: Flores Fight Report

This one is found in the cave location of this camp where you’ll find several burn barrels.

Just head to the far right of the map where there’s another tent, and you’ll find this journal lying there.

Location Four: The Landing

The fourth and the fifth ones are located in the same room where you’ll find Jakub, your Stash, and other stuff.

“The Landing” is located right beside the main gate where you exit for the First City.

Location Five: Textile Manufacturing

From the fourth journal location, head to your far left and you’ll see an entrance behind that large metal wall. This journal entry can be found there.

Location Six: Hound’s Note

The sixth entry is found at the stairs where the construction is happening.

Location Seven: Eva’s Letter

This one is found in the Hound’s Base in the “A Bad Day” quest.

Instead of opening the gate with two chests right beside it, go to your left and you’ll find “Eva’s Letter” in an open container.

Location Eight: Barker’s Journal

At the end of the mission where you rescue Eva, after the cutscene, you’ll find this journal in the same room under the red tent.

Location Nine: Reiner’s Journal

This one is pretty straightforward. It’s located in the room where you find Captain Reiner.

Simply clear the room, and go to the left of the room from the entrance. This can be found there.

Location Ten: Feeding the Colony

This one is found in the “Defensive Perimeter” area after you exit the camp using that big gate.

Go ahead and move to your left where you’ll find a bunch of NPCs talking. Climb up the stairs and you’ll find the “Feeding the Colony” journal there.

Location Eleven: The Coming End

The final journal is found in the Crossroads area of the map.

Spawn in and move towards the first ammo chest beside a dead body. You’ll find “The Coming End” journal there.

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