Outriders: Every Possible Way Of Obtaining Titanium

Titanium is one of the rarest yet most useful resources in Outriders. This rare metal is needed to increase the rarity or level of your items. Its usefulness in crafting is hard to overstate, with many players requiring thousands of the resource to upgrade their gear.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways of obtaining titanium in Outriders. Farming this resource is best done by completing high Challenge Tier Expeditions, but those without strong builds can farm titanium without leaving the main campaign. Here is every possible way of obtaining titanium in Outriders and some advice on how to farm this resource quickly.

Dismantle Epic And Legendary Gear

The easiest way of earning titanium in Outriders is to dismantle items at epic (purple) or legendary (orange) rarity. You can dismantle items by marking them for dismantling in your inventory (right-click on PC, clicking the right thumbstick on consoles), then holding the dismantle button. Activities that grant a large quantity of epic gear, such as Expeditions, will yield plenty of titanium.

Purchase Titanium

You can purchase titanium through certain vendors (such as Bailey) for a moderate amount of scrap. If you have a stockpile of scrap in your inventory, convert it to titanium!

Additionally, you can convert iron and leather into scrap, indirectly allowing you to convert iron and leather into titanium. Sell your iron or leather for scraps at a vendor, then use those newly earned scraps to purchase titanium. Selling your items is more efficient for this strategy than doing this conversion method, but those sitting on hundreds of thousands of crafting materials can purchase thousands of titanium this way.

World Tier Rewards

Reaching certain World Tiers will grant a bundle of titanium as a reward. The amount each package grants is quite small (around 25), but those who forgot to claim their World Tier rewards can get a small bundle of titanium for free. World Tiers 9-15 grant a bundle of titanium in their reward package, which can be claimed from the World Tier selection menu.

Defeat Elites

Elite enemies drop a small amount of titanium when slain. You can tell which enemies are Elite by the symbol beside their health bar. If an enemy has a circle icon to the left of their health bar, they’re an Elite enemy. Crawlers, Captains, and virtually every boss count as an Elite enemy.

Farming Elites is best done in Expeditions, although players that can’t solo Expeditions yet can farm the “Predator to Prey” quest in the Forest Enclave region. Start the quest, clear out the mini-dungeon, defeat the boss, then talk to the NPC vendor to turn in and restart the quest chain. This makes for an excellent titanium farm.

Expedition Rewards

Expeditions grant a sizable chunk of titanium when completed, mostly due to the number of Elite enemies you kill. As you raise your Challenge Tier, the amount of titanium you receive from Expeditions will also increase. If you dismantle unwanted epic items while farming Expeditions, you’ll have a large sum of titanium in no time.

Mine Ore Veins

Finally, ore veins found throughout Enoch have a small chance of dropping titanium if you’re on a higher World Tier. The amount they grant is rather small, and the chance of titanium dropping from a vein isn’t guaranteed at World Tier 15. Still, those that find an ore vein while farming World Tier 15 content should harvest it if they’re low on titanium.

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