Outriders: Marshland Caverns Expedition Guide

Expeditions are the main endgame activity in Outriders. These timed dungeons provide a plethora of epic and legendary items for those that can complete them quickly. Higher Challenge Tiers grant even better rewards at the cost of tougher enemies.

As most Outriders players will know, not every Expedition was created equal. Marshland Caverns is arguably the hardest Expedition in the game outside of Eye of the Storm. The abundance of tough enemies in this mission make it nothing short of frustrating for some builds. In this guide, we’ll go over how to tackle these areas to make a Gold completion more feasible. Here is a complete guide to the Marshland Caverns Expedition in Outriders.

Completion Times And Enemies

Completion Times

  • Gold: 14:00
  • Silver: 18:53
  • Bronze: 23:46

Note: Challenge Tier 15 changes the requirement for Gold.

  • Gold: 12:10
  • Silver: 18:53
  • Bronze: 23:46


Warzone Beasts are the only enemies you’ll face here. Alpha Perforos are the main enemy here, although a few sections include multiple Brood Mothers, Maulers, and Crawlers. Crowd control is highly recommended here along with a DPS build. Be prepared to fight two Brood Mothers in the first section.

Opening Encounter

An Alpha Perforo will be kneeling in the cave you enter. Upon killing it, a pack of Alphas will spawn to your right. Kill them as soon as possible. Shortly after those enemies spawn, not one but two Brood Mothers will spawn together. They can buff all of the enemies in the arena, have AoE attacks that cover most of the area, and are relatively tanky at higher Challenge Tiers.

You’ll want to split the Alphas from the Brood Mothers, killing the Alphas whenever you can. If they all decide to leap on you, melee! Melee attacks cannot be interrupted, unlike dodges. When the Alphas are dead, focus your attention on one Brood Mother. Kill both of them and any remaining enemies to reach the next arena.

Crawler Ambush

After a few seconds, you’ll be ambushed by a small group of Crawlers and Maulers. The Crawlers should be your top priority, as these enemies can easily freeze you if you aren’t careful. They will usually shoot an ice beam in a wide cone in front of them. If those beams overlap, you can easily get killed. Try to stick behind the Crawlers, using crowd control effects to stay safe. Take out the Crawlers and Maulers to reach the obelisk section.

Obelisk Defense Section

The giant pillar in the next section is an obelisk you must defend from waves of Beasts. This part isn’t as bad as the last two sections. You’ll be rushed by Perforos and Venomous variants for most of this section, both of which are fairly easy to kill.

Enemies will spawn in one of three waves, although more waves do exist if you take too long to capture the obelisk. The second wave is the most noteworthy of the bunch, spawning a Behemoth on the elevated terrain. Take this enemy out as soon as you can. Beyond that, stay close to the obelisk, kill any enemies that get near you, and don’t be afraid to leave the obelisk temporarily to heal.

Drop Pod Arena

A small group of Maulers have grown attached to the drop pod. You’ll need to kill them and the nearby Alphas to continue. Once they’re defeated, a group of Beasts will spawn around you. Since the arena is quite large, you have a few moments to prepare your skills or close the gap.

Final Boss

Killing these enemies will spawn the final boss, a Raging Behemoth. It’ll attempt to charge at you right as the cutscene ends. Use an ability or a melee attack to stun it. Stay behind it to avoid most of its attacks, then nuke its health bar with everything you have.

After the Behemoth is dead, you’ll have to face against a Brood Mother and Screecher. Kill the Screecher first to relieve some pressure with your positioning. Find a way to stun the Brood Mother, then damage its heart to kill it quickly. Clear the rest of the enemies in the arena to finish the mission and unlock the drop pod.

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