Outward: Ash Giants Quest Walkthrough

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  • Accepting The Quest
  • Meeting Highlord Cyr
  • Finding An Obsidiroot
  • Increasing Your Negotiation Power
  • Negotiating With Highlord Cyr
  • Possible Rewards

Ash Giants is a quest in Outward that you can complete if you join the Blue Chamber Collective faction. This quest can be tricky to complete, so we are here to help walk you through all the steps. In this guide, you will find a complete walkthrough on how to complete Ash Giants.

To become part of the Blue Chamber Collective, you will first need to make your way to Berg and speak with Rissa Aberdeen. Once you have spoken with her, she will ask you to do a favor for one of three people in the city. After you have completed a favor, you will be able to join the Blue Chamber.

Accepting The Quest

To accept the quest, you need to complete Mixed Legacies. This is the first faction quest for the Blue Chamber, which starts with you heading to a council meeting.

Once this quest has been completed, speak with Rissa Aberdeen again, who will give you the quest. She may not be ready yet; if this is the case, just wait for three days and speak with her again.

Meeting Highlord Cyr

Your first task is to meet with Highlord Cyr, who can be found in the Ash Giants' village. This village is located in the northwest portion of the Hallowed Marsh, as shown on the map above.

When you get here, speak with Highlord Cyr, and say the following to him.

  • I'm here on behalf of the Blue Chamber Collective.

Cyr does not fully trust you yet, so he will as you to bring him Obsidiroots. which can be found in the Reptilian Lair. This location is marked on the map above as well.

Once you speak with Highlord Cyr, you will have a 30-day limit to complete the quest. Be sure to take care of any business before you speak with Cyr, so you have plenty of time.

Finding An Obsidiroot

Obsidiroot can be found in the Reptilian Lair, which can be accessed from the north, coming down from Giants' Village.

Inside this lair, you can find three roots. Below, you can check the location for each one.

Root 1
  • From the entrance, head forward and then take a right turn when you see a nest that has eggs inside.
  • This new room will contain the root behind a tree in the corner.
Root 2
  • From the first location, look for a wooden chest nearby. From here, you should see a small path, with a group of fireflies along it.
  • The root will be near this first group of fireflies.
Root 3
  • The final root will be near the entrance of the Lair.
  • Rather than heading to the right, head left until you drop down into an area with ore. Next to this ore, you can find the root sitting on a platform.

Increasing Your Negotiation Power

The purpose of gathering the Obsidiroot for Cyr is to increase your negotiation power, but there are also a few additional ways to raise it. Below, you can check out the methods for raising your negotiation power.

Obtaining All Roots

Cyr only asks for one Obsidiroot, but to gain more power, be sure to collect all three.

Giant-Heart Garnet

This is an item found within Blister Borrow, located in Chersonese. Helen Turnbull will give you a hefty reward for bringing her the garnet, but you can also bring it to Cyr to gain additional power.

Under Island

This is a dungeon that can be found to the south of Giants' Village. On the map, this location will display as the Giants Ruins.

When you enter the dungeon, you can find a book lying on the ground. Read every page of this book, allowing you to gain more information for your negotiations.

Cardinal Bourlamaque

Cardinal Bourlamaque is an NPC located in Monsoon. You can find him in the temple, where he will teach you about the Giants. Be sure to go through every dialogue option while speaking with him.

Gold Belly

Lastly, we have Gold Belly. You can find this NPC within Giants' Village. Going through all of his dialogue options will provide you with more negotiation power.

Negotiating With Highlord Cyr

After obtaining the Obsidiroots and completing the tasks above, return to Cyr to begin negotiations.

When you speak with him, tell him that you are ready. If you have completed all the optional tasks, all you need to do is select the first option when choosing what to say.

If you did not complete the optional tasks, then the negotiations will be unsuccessful. This does not mean that you have failed the quest, but it does mean that the Ash Giants will not join the Blue Chamber Collective.

Failing To Negotiate

If you fail to negotiate, you will need to continue speaking with Cyr. Here, you have two options, which can be found below.

  • Option 1:
    • Mention that there needs to be a new Highlord, and then engage in combat with Cyr.
    • If you die, the quest will result in an overall failure.
  • Option 2:
    • Tell Cyr that you are sorry, resulting in a partial success.
    • Possible Rewards

      Once the negotiations are over, return back to Berg and speak with Rissa Aberdeen. Depending on the level of success, there are a few different outcomes.

      If you completed all additional tasks prior to the negotiations and answered all the questions correctly, you will have a perfect success. In this scenario, the following will occur.

      • The Ash Giants join the Blue Chamber Collective
      • Silver-Nose has a chance to save you in Hallowed Marsh defeat scenarios
        • If you get this defeat scenario, you can buy a variety of goods from him.
      • You will receive the following:
        • Blood of Giants passive
        • Giantkind Greataxe
        • There are two ways to achieve partial success for this quest. First, you will get this result if you fail the negotiations, but defeat Cyr in combat. The results of this can be seen below.

          • The Ash Giants do not join the Blue Chamber Collective
          • Cyr is exiled, and Gold Belly is the new leader
          • You will receive the following:
            • Giantkind Greataxe
            • 2x Ragout du Marais
            • 2x Warrior Elixir

            The other partial success occurs if you fail to negotiate, but avoid combat with Cyr. In this situation, you will not receive any additional rewards, and the Ash Giants will not join the Blue Chamber Collective.

            Lastly, you can completely fail the quest by being defeated while fighting Cyr. When this happens, the Ash Giants will not join the Blue Chamber Collective, and you will lose access to Giants' Village.

            Rewards From Rissa

            If you get a partial or complete success, Rissa will reward you with the following items.

            • 2x Bread of the Wild
            • 3x Life Potion
            • Bread of the Wild recipe

            If you completely fail the quest, you will still receive the following items.

            • 2x Bread of the Wild
            • 1x Life Potion

            Even if you fail the quest, you will still be able to complete quests for the Blue Chamber Collective.

            That's all there is to know about the Ash Giants quest! Once you complete all the quests for the Blue Chamber, you can visit the other cities and complete quests for those factions.

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