Overwatch 2 Fans Are Trying To Work Out How Much Junker Queen’s Vault Is Worth

Now that the hype and the issues surrounding Overwatch 2's launch have started to die down, dedicated players have been able to start drilling down into the sequel's really important details. Stuff like working out how much the contents of Junker Queen's vault, which is quite literally packed with gold coins, are worth.

Junker Queen's vault can be found in the somewhat rundown Junkertown map. While the area in which it is situated suggests its contents are worth an extraordinary amount in Overwatch lore, since the coins you can find inside now have a real-world value, players have been trying to estimate how much money is lying around in the vault. Since 500 coins can be bought through the in-game store for $4.99, players have begun by assuming each coin is effectively a penny.

That starting point already spells bad news for Junker Queen's riches. KimonoThief has then taken that penny value and done some serious maths, showing their working in the replies to the Reddit post below. There are a lot of assumptions between confirming each coin is worth a penny and arriving at a final estimate, of course, such as guessing the vault has a diameter of about 30 feet, and that the average depth of the coins is three feet.

A few more assumptions and clever sums later, KimonoThief arrives at the conclusion that there's probably somewhere just shy of half a million dollars in Junker Queen's vault. Probably not as much as most would assume when seeing a vault filled with gold for the first time. The maths used has also resulted in a number of debates in the aforementioned replies, mainly with people who vehemently disagree with the average depth being three feet.

It's somewhat surprising that Overwatch 2 players have found the time to calculate the contents of a fictional vault when the sequel's second season began this week. Introducing new hero Ramattra to the game, Reinhardt mains have been losing sleep ever since their gameplay reveal showed the latest addition to the roster effortlessly shooting their shockwave through shields.

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