Overwatch 2 Players Are Wondering Why Ramattra Is Breathing

Sentient machines have been a sci-fi trope for a long time now. Mass Effect has EDI, Destiny has the Exo, and Overwatch has Omnics. For a long time, Zenyatta was the only Omnic we really knew much about, but with the advent of season 2 of Overwatch 2, a new Omnic was added to the roster, Ramattra. Players have been looking forward to the new tank, who could be seen decimating enemies in the trailers, thanks to his offensive and defensive modes. However, now that he's actually in the game, players have found something strange about him.

As pointed out by King Killian Night on Reddit, Ramattra's idle animation shows the Omnic's body moving in a way that looks like he's breathing (thanks GameRant). Considering that Ramattra is a sentient machine, he has no reason to breathe. This has confused a number of players, who have started sharing theories.

The first theory is that this is some sort of cooling mechanism. "I mean cooling is believable, would make sense for him to expand and exhale to intake cold air," said the person who started the thread. Another said that it wasn't really breathing, but just "the old motor running". Other comments were quick to point out that Zenyatta does not breathe, so this is not related to the Omnic in any way.

One comment was rather deep, talking about the relationship between Humans and Omnics. "I think the purpose is to convey how the line between human and Omnic is blurring," they said. "Like the robots are starting to breathe n stuff like that, but the humans are also using more robotic parts like sojourn who willingly made her body mostly robotic. So I’m guessing they just wanna show it’s getting harder to tell the difference between human and Omnic as time passes in the lore".

However, most comments agreed that the most likely explanation is an oversight on the part of the developers. There's probably a line of code or something that makes character models move in a way to simulate breathing – I don't know, I'm not a video game developer. But, don't be surprised when Ramattra suddenly stops breathing.

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