Overwatch 2 Update Makes Doomfist Viable For The First Time Since Launch

Overwatch 2 brought about many controversial changes, but for Doomfist mains, it was particularly devastating. With the new 5v5 format in place, Doom was reworked into a Tank. This was bad enough on its own, as this meant they would have to face queues of up to 12 minutes just to play him. But it managed to get even more painful than that: he sucked.

But now, the season 2 update has given him a much-needed buff. From his attack range to the amount of damage he deals, Doom has improved across the board. And while it's still early days, it seems that these changes have brought him slightly closer to his former glory, or have at least made him a threat again. It's still not clear if he has what it takes to solo-Tank, but he's definitely packing a punch and getting picked a lot more as a result.

In a thread discussing his buffs, the Overwatch subreddit seems to be in agreement that Doomfist is a much more viable pick now.

"He has terrorized every game I’ve been in since the new update," replies Reddit user tarheel_204, with many others also noticing a rise in Doom players in matches.

"Us Doomfist mains have been called garbage for playing him in season one," says demonking3246. "Now I can play doom without being harassed."

Despite these improvements, Doom players from the first Overwatch still miss the old days. "I miss the assassin Doom from OW1, but he shouldn't have a one-shot punch if he has 450 hp," says yungupgrade01, reflecting on his new Tank role. "The charged rocket punch doing 30 damage in season one made him miserable to play. I can do perfectly fine with him where he's at."

It seems that we can expect to see a few more Doom players in our matches then, as picking him isn't instantly throwing the game anymore. That is, until everyone starts unlocking Ramattra, then we can probably expect him to usurp the top spot.

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