Overwatch Fans Are Still Missing Skins They’ve Had Since 2016

Overwatch 2 players are still experiencing issues with the account transfer system, unable to access cosmetics they've had since the first game's launch in 2016. Some have even raised the issue with Blizzard support, but are still waiting for a solution one month later.

This means that some skins, such as those that were initially exclusive to the Origins edition of the first Overwatch, are only available if they repurchase them for $39.99 each. One player has even shared the merch they got for buying Overwatch at launch as proof of purchase to Blizzard, but has still been unable to access these older skins.

The issue has been raised in the Overwatch 2 subreddit by user bruh8248. Here, they show that even though they clearly owned Overwatch Origins Edition, they will have to spend $39.99 on each of its skins to get them back. They have managed to get them back on console at least, but they're still absent when switching to PC.

This user is far from alone, with other players also unable to access their old loot.

"I made a support ticket with [Blizzard] and told them I was missing my [Widowmaker] Noire skin with proof of preorder and old pics," says Skyline330 "All they said was they’re working on it and to check back later. One month later, still missing"

Others are also having no luck with the support team. "I made a ticket and got a copy-pasted response which didn't help at all," says Immediate_Floor_2956. "When I asked to have an actual conversation with support, my ticket was closed."

Some players are giving up altogether and want refunds – but also aren't having any luck. As user Realistic_East5457 explains: "I lost 40 bucks to a watchpoint pack I still don't have. I'm looking for a refund because the game sucks but gotta see how long it takes to get my money back."

Most players were able to merge old and new accounts to get all of their loot back, but it remains to be seen if Blizzard can address the issues that these players are facing. Yet with multiple characters having to be pulled from the roster altogether, it's safe to say that Overwatch 2's launch hasn't gone smoothly in any department.

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