Payday 3 Confirms 2023 Release Window With New Teaser Trailer

Now that we're into 2023, people are looking forward to the excellent variety of titles that are scheduled to release over the next year. Payday 3 is one such title, and developer Starbreeze Studios wants to make damn sure that you all remember it's coming out later this year, so has released a very short teaser trailer reconfirming its release window.

The trailer was first posted to the official Payday Twitter account, but unfortunately doesn't give us any additional info about the game itself. The trailer features a sweeping shot of a city late at night, before slowly panning back to reveal four figures stood in the darkness. If you've ever played Payday before, you'll know that these four individuals are definitely up to no good.

We then see a black screen as the words "This is the year of Payday 3" slowly fade in, signalling a developer that is extremely confident that it will hits its planned release window. A more concrete release date unfortunately wasn't revealed, although it's now been confirmed the game will launch on both PC and consoles, and that it is now available to wishlist on Steam. We can probably expect a more precise date in the coming months.

Starbreeze has done pretty well to actually get Payday 3 to meet its planned release window of 2023, barring any last minute delays of course. The developer has had a rough couple of years without factoring in the pandemic, suffering layoffs as well as the resignation of its former CEO back in 2020. Thankfully, the developer is in a much better place nowadays, with Plaion on board to help out with the publishing of Payday 3.

For now, all we can do is sit and wait for more information, but at least we now have confirmation that we'll be robbing banks and planning heists at some point later this year.

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