Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas For Disney Fans

Finding that perfect Christmas present for that special someone can be difficult. If you're in the midst of checking off your shopping list this year and you have a Disney fan to buy for, we've selected some of our top picks for items that would add a little Disney magic to your Christmas.

Whoever you're buying for, and whatever age they are — after all, who grows out of their love for Disney? — we've got the perfect gifts to choose from right here. From stocking fillers to special gifts, there's something for everyone.

Funko Disney Stitch Merry Mischief! Card Game

Number of PlayersPlay TimeSuggested Age
2-615 minutes5+

The best stocking fillers always have a Christmas theme, so why not add a little mischief to your stocking with the Funko Disney Stitch Merry Mischief! Card Game. It's easy to learn with stunning watercolor-style cards and a cute little custom dice — this little game is sure to go down a treat with any Lilo & Stitch fan.

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Disney Doorables Multi Peek Series 8 Featuring Special Edition Scented Figures

What could be more adorable than Disney Doorables?! This Series 8 Multi Peek pack features special edition scented figures, if you're lucky enough to find one! It's sure to be a welcome addition to any Disney fan's collection.

The number of figures included ranges from five to seven, and with 58 to collect in total, there's no worry about doubling up on this present as the more Doorables packs someone gets, the more they can add to their collection! Series 8 includes characters from Disney classics as well as characters from more recent Pixar films, such as Turning Red. Who will you get?

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Funko Disney Kingdomania

Number of PlayersPlay TimeSuggested Age
1-230 minutes6+

There's something particularly fun about a board game that doubles up as a collectible. Disney's Kingdomania can be played alone or with a friend, with players building their own game level each time they play. You can keep adding to the fun and expanding your tiles by purchasing additional Game Balls too!

The Super Game Pack version comes with powerful item figures that can't be found in the individual Game Balls, and with over 40 figures to collect in total, this will keep Disney fans busy for a while!

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The Magical World of Disney Trivia Family Board Game

Number of PlayersSuggested Age

Who doesn't love to play board games with family and friends at Christmas, so why not give the gift of Disney fun? This version of The Magical World of Disney Trivia Family Board Game is exclusive to Amazon and contains two additional characters (Stitch and E.V.E), meaning that you can have up to eight players per session!

Test your Disney knowledge with other 2,000 questions, covering superfan knowledge and the bare necessities, so everyone can take part and enjoy the game together, regardless of whether they've seen five Disney films or fifty Disney films. It's time to best your family and earn your bragging rights.

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Our Adventure Book, Pixar Up Themed Scrapbook With Movie Postcards

Give the gift of unforgettable memories this Christmas with the Our Adventure Book scrapbook inspired by Disney Pixar's Up. Fill it with memories of your family and friends and gift it to them for the holidays, or give it to them as it is and let them fill it with their own favorite memories!

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Funko Pop! Signature Games: Disney – Cookie Swap Card Game

Number of PlayersPlay TimeSuggested Age
2-515 minutes6+

What could possibly make a Disney gingerbread-themed game even better? How about the board actually smelling like gingerbread? This Disney Cookie Swap Card Game by Funko will make a great stocking stuffer for young Disney fans.

Players share and swap cards, and when they've collected four of a kind, they've got a set — the first player to collect three sets, wins! Why not have a game of Cookie Swap with your family while sharing a glass of milk too?

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Brio Disney Princess Castle Set

This 18-piece set features three of our favorite Disney Princesses, Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella, in an adorable Disney Princess castle-themed train set. As with all brio products, this set works with other Brio train sets, so you can join it up to your existing track, or perhaps this will be the starting point for a new Brio collection.

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5 Surprise Disney Mini Brands Collectible Toys by ZURU

If you're looking for a stocking filler for a Disney fan, how about a 5 Surprise Disney Mini Brands Collectible Toy? These little capsules contain replicas of your favorite Disney toy characters — and they're all super cute! There are over 50 miniatures to collect, with a chance of finding rare gold minis, too! Which one will you get?

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Disney Squishmallows

If you're looking for something absolutely loveable and huggable, how about a Disney Squishmallow based on your favorite character? From Moana to Mickey, there's a character for everyone, and you're sure to find the perfect partner to wrap for something special this Christmas.

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Disney Villains Labyrinth Board Game

Number of PlayersPlay TimeSuggested Age
2-420-30 minutes7+

Disney has put a fun twist on a family favorite classic, giving the villains their very own version of Labyrinth. Players can choose between Scar, Maleficent, Hades, or Ursula and then compete to search the Labyrinth for other villains and come out on top.

If you need a new board game to play this Christmas for two to four players that doesn't take too long, Labyrinth normally takes about 30 minutes to finish, and there's a lot of replay value!

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