Playstation 4 cleaning tips: Can you clean PS4 fan?

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Sony PlayStation 4 owners might notice their console getting louder, most likely meaning dust is accumulating inside. A fan working overtime results with the PS4 overheating and potentially putting the popular console at serious risk of hardware failure.

Can you clean PS4 fan?

There is a risk of exposure to laser radiation as well as to electrical shoc


The first – and most important thing – to understand is attempting to clean your PS4 fan yourself comes with several risks.

Sony PlayStations are very complex pieces of kit and meddling with the interior can easily break the console.

Users should pay close attention to whether their Sony PlayStation 4 is still under warranty.

Developer Sony explicitly states unequivocally disassembling a PS4 will void its warranty.

However, should your PS4’s warranty has expired and it is no longer performing adequately, you may feel there is little to lose.

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Also, the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro both feature easy-to-remove plastic cowlings, so you might be able to take care of that dusty fan without really “disassembling” anything.

Finally, and most important of all, Sony warns “there is a risk of exposure to laser radiation as well as to electrical shock.”

As a result, should you decide to clean your PS4, please be aware this is at your own risk.

A somewhat safer bet could be instead to use one of the many professional PS4 cleaning services available.

How to clean a PS4 fan:

Users will require five pieces of kit to properly clean a PS4’s fan.

These include a clean, dry microfibre cloth, a T9 screwdriver, a small Phillips screwdriver, one can of compressed air and a cotton swab.

The most important safety step should be completed first, which is to turn off the console and disconnect all cords and cables.

Next, blow dust away from the PS4 unit using compressed air, before wiping down the exterior with a dry microfibre cloth.

Now, remove the stickers from the back and then unfasten the screws using the T9 screwdriver.

Users should now be able to slide the case off, before blowing the dust from the now-exposed interior using short bursts.

A simple hack is to always ensure the can is kept upright when following this step.

Now remove the screws holding the power supply in place – both T9 and Phillips screws will be required for this step.

You should be able to gently lift the fan out and set it aside, while taking extra care to not disconnect the power supply cable.

Then, the fan needs to be fully immobilised, by sliding the cotton swab down between its blades.

Now aim short focused bursts of compressed air so dust will blow up and away from the fan.

The final step simply involves replacing the PS4’s power unit and its screws, and then the case.

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