PlayStation Removes All Advertising From Facebook And Instagram

Following numerous other companies, including Starbucks, Ford, and Coca-Cola, Sony is pulling all PlayStation advertising from Facebook and Instagram until at least the end of July.

The move will see the removal of all advertising on the social media platforms, both paid and unpaid. Facebook has come under fire recently for continuing to allow hateful content and misinformation to exist on its platform unchallenged, while other platforms have acted against such content. Twitter has started being more aggressive with flagging problematic tweets, especially from politicians, while Twitch has suspended numerous channels and streamers, including Dr. Disrespect and Donald Trump.

In a statement (provided to, Sony makes it clear that they support the growing #StopHateForProfit campaign. “In support of the #StopHateForProfit campaign, we have globally suspended our Facebook and Instagram activity, including advertising and non-paid content, until the end of July. We stand for working (and playing) together for good.”

Xbox owners Microsoft has also decided to remove all advertising from both Facebook and Instagram–a move which is counter to the recent announcement of a partnership with Facebook Gaming after Microsoft decided to close its own streaming platform, Mixer. Microsoft has clarified that the move doesn’t mean Facebook advertising will appear on the Xbox Dashboard.

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