Pokemon: 10 Best Trick Room Sweepers

Sometimes, it seems that Pokemon is all about Speed. You want a team full of 'mons that move fast and hit hard! This mentality has led to domination by the likes of Excadrill, Calyrex-Shadow, and Regieleki. All of the slow Pokemon are just here to be defensive walls that let their faster teammates do their thing.

But Pokemon doesn't always have to be that way! With Trick Room activated the slowest Pokemon get to move first. This leaves room for a lot of lethargic powerhouses to lay waste to their faster, frailer opponents. Here are ten Pokemon that really benefit from Trick Room on the field.

10 Copperajah

Copperajah is a Pokemon introduced in Sword & Shield with a ton of HP and even more Attack. And with a terrible 30 base speed, it's perfectly set up to take advantage of Trick Room.

What sets Copperajah apart from other Pokemon is its ability Heavy Metal. This doubles its weight and allows it to take advantage of moves like Heat Crash and Heavy Slam. On top of all this, it gets an awesome Gigantamax form that basically sets up Spikes whenever it's used. You'd be smart not to forget about this elephant.

9 Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn is a bit surprising on this list since it is usually seen as the best defensive Pokemon in the entire franchise with its high defensive stats and incredible typing. However, its unbelievably low Speed and decent Attack make it a surprisingly effective Trick Room sweeper.

Not only does it have strong moves like Power Whip and Gyro Ball, but it's also able to recover health with Leech Seed. This all can catch opponents expecting the usual Ferrothorn setup completely off-guard. After all, the most important element in battle is the element of surprise!

8 Reuniclus

Reuniclus is one of those few Pokemon that is both a Trick Room setter and sweeper. As a cherry on top, it's also one of the few Trick Room Sweepers that is a Special Attacker with an unbelievable base 125 Special Attack.

Reuniclus gets great coverage with Psychic and Focus Blast, but you can swap the latter out with Shadow Ball if you're really nervous. Plus, it can recover its own HP with, well, Recover. Reuniclus was absolutely made with Trick Room and is one of the best Pokemon built around that move.

7 Rhyperior

Rhyperior is a great Pokemon that was let down by its low Speed and dual typing. While Rock and Ground have great offensive synergy, they're terrible defensively with two 4x weaknesses to Water and Grass-type attacks. However, this is all negated with Trick Room.

Suddenly, Rhyperior is moving before all of those Pokemon that gave it trouble. It also gets great coverage with moves like Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Megahorn to take out pesky Grass-types that resist its Ground-type attacks. If you're trying out Trick Room for the first time, Rhyperior is a great place to start.

6 Escavalier

A lot of Bug-type Pokemon get overlooked since they have some of the lowest base stats in the entire franchise. Pretty much, if you're not an Ultra Beast or Scizor, you're pretty much useless. But that is not the case with Escavalier in Trick Room.

It has great STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves with Megahorn and Iron head and great coverage with either Knock Off or Drill Run. Add on Swords Dance and you have a snail knight that won't let you down!

5 Stakataka

Speaking of Ultra Beasts, let's talk about Stakataka. One of the weirdest looking Pokemon with the most fun names to say, Stakataka is a living fortress. And, like most fortresses, it's incredibly slow. Also like most fortresses, it hits like a truck.

Stakataka has a great Attack stat that pales only in comparison to its beastly base 211 Defense stat. And that's really all it needs with moves like Body Press and Gyro Ball. Plus, it can use Stone Edge for STAB and great coverage. While it can set its own Trick Room as well, it's not really recommended since it can easily be defeated by a well-placed Ground or Fighting-type attack, so it's best to get it out once the trickery has already been establoished.

4 Torkoal

Torkoal has had an absolutely fascinating journey through the different generations of Pokemon. Starting off completely useless in Gen 3, it has become one of the premier weather Pokemon in the franchise because of its ability Drought. On top of that, it makes a great Trick Room sweeper, too!

Torkoal benefits by having its STAB Fire-type moves boosted in the sunlight, making moves like Lava Plume, Eruption, and Heat Wave especially powerful. Add on Earth Power and you get some of the best type coverage in the game!

3 Calyrex-Ice

Calyrex-Ice is another Pokemon that can set its own Trick Room. What makes it especially good at this is its fantastic bulk and incredible ability that acts as two abilities in one. Not only can your opponents not eat berries, but Calyrex will also get a boost every time it knocks out an opponent.

Then there's Calyrex-Ice's type coverage. With access to Glacial Lance, High Horsepower, and Heavy Slam, Calyrex can hit most Pokemon for Super Effective damage. Calyrex-Shadow may have the speed, but Calyrex-Ice is built to last.

2 Conkeldurr

Built as a Machamp counterpart in Black and White, Conkeldurr sets itself apart from its predecessor by having an even higher Attack stat and a lower Speed. But what really makes Conkeldurr perfect for Trick Room is its ability: Guts.

Guts increases a Pokemon's Attack when it is inflicted with a status effect like poison or burn. So if you equip Conkeldurr with a Flame Orb, all of its attacks will be boosted by 50 percent. Combine this with moves like Drain Punch, Facade, Knock Off, and Mach Punch and you'll have one of the hardest-hitting Pokemon of all time!

1 Snorlax

When you think of big, lazy Pokemon that pack a punch, you think of Snorlax. And all of this makes for what is probably the perfect Trick Room sweeper. First of all, you get fantastic coverage with moves like Darkest Lariat, Seed Bomb, High Horsepower, and Fire Punch. Second of all, you have access to the perfect setup move for Trick Room: Curse. Curse lowers the user's Speed to increase Attack and Defense. But most importantly, Snorlax has a great Gigantamax form that can recover consumed items when attacking. All of this makes Snorlax the best Trick Room sweeper out there.

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