Pokemon Day To Be Preceded By A Week Of Announcements

February 27 is Pokemon Day. The day on which the very first Pokemon games launched in 1996. In case you don't have a calendar handy, February 27 falls at the end of this week. If last year is anything to go by, where The Pokemon Company did just about everything imaginable to celebrate Pokemon's 25th anniversary, there will be some fun stuff to look forward to on Pokemon Day. Its creators don't often let a birthday pass without mention.

That has already been confirmed as Pokemon revealed via its Japanese Twitter account that it will be making an announcement every day this week in the build to Pokemon Day on Sunday. “From today… to February 27th (Sunday), the day of 'Pokemon Day', we will introduce special information on the special site every day,” a rough translation of the tweet reads.

A reply from Pokemon to its own tweet even reveals what exactly each announcement will be in relation to. Pokemon Masters EX will get news today, Sword & Shield tomorrow, then Cafe Mix, Pokemon Unite, P25 Music, and finishing with Pokemon Go on Saturday, February 26. Notable by its absence is Pokemon Legends: Arceus which right now is not a part of the Pokemon Day celebrations.

Those of you eagerly awaiting DLC news, don't despair just yet. The end of the tweet reads, “There will also be a project to commemorate 'Pokemon Day', so be sure to check it out.” There's no mention or even a clue as to what that announcement might be. With no mention of Legends: Arceus throughout the rest of the week, it seems likely that it will have pride of place on Pokemon Day itself. Take that with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed. Another possibility is a completely new Pokemon project, but that seems unlikely.

Neither Pokemon nor Game Freak has said Legends: Arceus will be getting DLC at all. There is reason to believe some is coming, though. Certain areas of the Hisui region are inaccessible and covered in fog. It seems likely they're new areas Game Freak are keeping hidden until they're ready to be revealed, maybe as soon as this Sunday.

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