Pokemon Fans Are Starting To Think Professor Sada And Turo Could Be Villains

Nintendo released a boat load of information about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet earlier this week, but few things caught the eye of Pokemon fans more than the two very hot new professors Turo and Sada. The pair have become very popular on the Internet, mostly because of how attractive they are compared to the professors of the past, prompting some to whip up smutty fan art in an impressive amount of time.

However, some Pokemon fans are starting to think that Turo and Sada might break the hearts of Pokemon fans come November, as they believe the two could be a villainous duo. This theory was put forward by Redditor OctoKirby (thanks Kotaku), who explains that both Turo and Sada give off a vibe that "they’re gonna try [and] murder me." Not the most conclusive evidence, but several other Pokemon fans have started sharing that they feel the same way, and there's evidence backing up the claim.

In a seperate post by Redditor Catchem-22, they explain that every Pokemon game since Sun & Moon has featured a perceived ally turn villain. Examples given are Lusamine from Pokemon Sun & Moon and Chairman Rose from Pokemon Sword & Shield. Catchem-22 also believes that both professors could be included in the game, but one will be the villain while the other will be the protagonist's mentor depending on the version you choose, similar to the Archie versus Maxie rivalry in Sapphire & Ruby.

It's not the most farfetched theory, especially when you consider this is the first Pokemon game to have two professors instead of just one. Both professors also seem to be from different timelines with a focus on two different legendaries, at least from what their outfits suggest. It's possible that these two could have conflicting ideologies, turning one into a pretty convincing villain.

At the moment we can only speculate, but at least we won't have to wait too long to find out as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are set to launch on November 18 later this year.

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