Pokemon Go TCG Expansion Includes Peelable Hidden Ditto Cards

Pokemon is everywhere. Games, trading cards, TV shows, even Oreos. The Pokemon Company having its fingers in so many pies allows for some pretty cool crossovers. Earlier this year, Niantic revealed its AR mobile game Pokemon Go will be crossing over with its trading cards for the first time ever. That was followed up with a first look at the set last month, and now an even better look at some of the other cards, including a pretty cool gimmick card you'll need to keep an eye out for.

The set will include a peelable card with a Ditto hiding underneath, the details of which were shared by Pokemon today and reported by PokeGuardian. “To find Ditto in the Pokemon GO expansion, look for other Pokemon that have a layer you can peel off to reveal the Transform Pokemon underneath,” the description explains. You can see exactly how the interesting new card works in the clip below, and how you might miss it if you don't notice the Ditto symbol in the bottom corner. It's the first time Pokemon has created a peelable card, but the feature has previously been used in MTG.

The card used to show off the new gimmick appears to be a Bidoof on the surface. However, that facade can be peeled away to reveal the actual Ditto card underneath. There will presumably be other cards besides Bidoof that will feature the Ditto mark that signifies the gen one Pokemon is hiding beneath. Pokemon notes that unpeeled cards cannot be used in competition, only the Ditto lying in wait.

Other new Pokemon GO TCG cards revealed today include Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and a VMAX Melmetal. It's fitting that Meltan and Melmetal have spots among the first Pokemon GO crossover with its TCG as the base evolution of the mythical Pokemon was introduced via the mobile game. The new reveal joins Pikachu, Blissey, and PokeStop cards which were all shown off last month.

Pokemon Go might feel like a mobile game people only played for one glorious summer to a lot of you, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The AR game has quite literally made billions of dollars for Niantic and continues to be incredibly popular almost six years on from its launch. The same goes for Pokemon's trading cards, the first of which are now worth a small fortune if you happen to have taken care of the right ones.

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