Pokemon Go’s Early 2022 Roadmap Includes A Johto Tour

Pokemon Go's early 2022 roadmap includes a Johto tour and refinements to the Battle League.

Niantic has put together a roadmap for some of the content and updates it plans to bring to Pokemon Go in 2022, although much of it is just undated updates to current systems. The roadmap starts with Niantic promising that it's going to spend the upcoming year trying to improve Pokemon Go while bringing fun and exciting updates to trainers.

The first big update will be the Pokemon GO Tour: Johto, which will be available to Trainers on February 26 and 27, 2022. On the mode, Niantic says, "This year, Trainers around the world will be able to play wherever they are, and Trainers in Monterrey, Mexico, or Kaohsiung, Taiwan, will be able to participate in live events. Some of the new features for this year’s Pokemon GO Tour include GO Gym Trainers—each of which is inspired by a contest-winning Trainer from our community—that you’ll be able to opt in or out of battling once you’ve faced a certain number of them. This way, you’ll be able to choose between engaging in more challenging battles or shifting your focus toward other features of the event. On top of that, there’s new Masterwork Research featuring Apex Shadow Pokemon."


Some of the other content mentioned in the roadmap include improvements to the Battle League, which will apparently be detailed at a later date, and a Postcard update, Seasonal update, and a Community Day update. Beyond bug fixes for all three features, Niantic says that it's working on adding "notifications, sticker saving, an expanded Gift maximum, new Postcard sorting methods, and new Postcard notes".

The updates are currently undated, although the roadmap is specifically aimed at "Early 2022", so we'll likely see one for later in the year as well. Niantic also noted that the updates mentioned on the roadmap won't be the only new content coming to Pokemon Go in 2022 as there will be surprises along the way.

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