Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Rideable Pokemon, Ranked

Pokemon Legends: Arceus revolutionized the way Pokemon games play. There are a lot of well received changes including: an older main character (with plenty of customization options), open world gameplay, and companion Pokemon you can ride on. This new feature matches perfectly with the way the game plays. It involves earning the Pokemon's trust, so they'll allow you to ride them, unlocking new ways to explore the vast terrain.

Pokemon games of the past let you ride a bike for fast travel and while this is functional, the Pokemon companions in Pokemon Legends Arceus feel more personal. Not only that, but these rideable Pokemon all have specific functions that let you maneuver through the terrain in specific ways. We ranked them by how helpful we feel they are during your Pokemon adventure.

5 Ursaluna: Useful For Digging

Ursaring was already a bulky, powerful brown bear Pokemon in past generations. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Ursaring gets an even bigger and more powerful form: Ursaluna. As a rideable Pokemon, Ursaluna is a massive brown bear that lets you dig up buried treasure. This feature can be useful, but the only downside is it can take a while to find an item that’s worth the time you spent searching the terrain for treasure. This means that uou never know what you will get with Ursaluna.

There is, however, one specific item in the game that is easiest to get with Ursaluna’s help. If you want to evolve your own Ursaring to have an Ursaluna on your team for battle or to complete your Pokedex, you will need a Peat Block. With the help of Ursaluna’s powerful claws, you can dig up a Peat Block easily.

4 Wyrdeer: Useful For Faster Travel

Early in the gameplay of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players can unlock the ability to ride on Wyrdeer’s back. This is when you first learn of the unique mechanic in Pokemon Legends Arceus where you can gain a ride Pokemon’s trust and use its special abilities to your advantage.

Wrydeer simply allows for a fast-paced gallop across the landscape, but this mechanic was a game changer for those who were so used to slowly jogging around the massive map. Wyrdeer also allows you to dodge attacks of powerful Pokemon more easily and climb to higher peaks on the terrain. Overall, it's a very useful beast and worth seeking out.

3 Sneasler: Useful For Climbing

The Hisuian evolution of Sneasel, Sneasler, is a tall dark type Pokemon with massive claws. This makes it the perfect Pokemon to help you scale the side of cliffs. It uses its sharp claws to dig into the side of tall rockfaces and lets you ride on its back. This makes travel across the Coronet Highlands in particular much easier.

Wyrdeer, the first travel Pokemon in the game, can also travel up mountains, but not in the same way. It is limited on how high it can jump and stride over rolling hills and mountains and once a mountain becomes much too steep, you can not go any higher. You’ll need the help of Sneasler for the higher mountains you'll want to explore on your journey.

2 Basculegion: Useful For Water Travel

Some maps in Pokemon Legends Arceus are covered in streams and lakes that are scattered randomly throughout. This can become frustrating to travel across. You will waste a lot of time looping around waterways until you unlock the ability to cross the water.

Basculegion allows you to travel in freshwater rivers or to sail out to the open ocean. You can even use your items and throw Pokeballs when riding on its back. Not only is traveling streamlined with Basculegion, but it also gives you more opportunities to catch some amazing water Pokemon in water based landscapes.

1 Braviary: Useful For Flying

The final Pokemon you unlock to ride is the most useful one of them all. Braviary is a bird Pokemon that allows you to fly in the air above the terrain below. Pokemon Legends: Arceus makes you put in the most work to unlock the ability to have Braviary as a companion. You will have to go through a difficult Pokemon battle and puzzles to earn the ability to fly, but once you do, it will be worth it.

Braviary’s help in flying encompasses most of the other abilities the other ride Pokemon have in one companion. You can fly high over the map away from danger when your Pokemon are too weak to battle. You can get across waterways, and you can travel across high mountain points quickly and easily. Braviary has it all and is well worth the effort it takes to earn its trust.

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