Pokemon Player Makes Funny Gen 1 Competitive Guide For Nostalgic Gamers

Keeping up with Pokemon's competitive scene is tricky, but so is making sure you're aware of all the old starts. "Why would anyone even want to play competitive Gen 1," I hear you ask? To recapture that sense of childish joy but with the sweaty thrill of adult competition, of course. Anyway, enough why, here's the how, as presented in a very comical way.

Over on Reddit, Barralax made a funny guide for anyone who wants to try the Gen 1 scene over the holidays. You can play online on Showdown or bust out your old Game Boys and link cables when you head back to your parent's house.

Balance wasn't a work in GameFreak's dictionary back in the '90s, so Barralax rightly points out how overpowered Mew and Mewtwo were back in the day. Psychic-types didn't have a counter, and these beasts could run almost any combination of moves, making it nigh on impossible to figure out what they're about to do to you.

Surprisingly, Normal-types ruled the roost back in Gen 1. Due to Hyper-Beam not triggering it's cooldown if you knocked out an opponent, Tauros and Snorlax are basically cannons that don't need to be reloaded, and a lack of decent Fighting moves made Chansey an absolute wall. Oh, and Special was all one stat so teaching it Ice Beam and Thunderbolt made it absurdly offensively capable too. You need all three on your team, Barralax says.

Starmie was, and still is, a great coverage 'mon. As Barralax says, "guess it's coverage move wrong and someone's dying." There are also some 'mons everyone thinks are great but are actually pretty useless. Charizard, Raichu, Porygon, and Machamp all look good on paper, but in the competitive scene, they just don't cut the mustard.

So, if you want to batter your little siblings or have a go at competitive with your home friends, give this guide a read and have some fun. And by fun, I mean crush their Christmas spirits.

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