Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Chi-Yu

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are finally here, introducing the new region of Paldea to newcomers and veterans alike. During your journey, you will befriend various classmates and battle powerful foes, while also solving some of the mysteries that this new region holds. Within the rarest pokemon you can encounter, the legendaries of Paldea are the most difficult to capture.

There are four particular legendary pokemon you can capture in this game, called the Treasures of Ruin. These come from a distant region and share a dark backstory, with one of the deadliest in this group being Chi-Yu, a Dark/Fire fish pokemon that can get you in trouble very quickly. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Who Is Chi-Yu?

One of the four Treasures of Ruin, Chi-Yu holds the title of "Beads of Ruin", indicated by the beads beside its eyes. It's considered the incarnation of the envy accumulated within curved beads that sparked multiple conflicts in ancient times, now covered in powerful fire and taking the form of a legendary pokemon.

Chi-Yu, just like the other Treasures of Ruin, comes from a long-gone faraway kingdom, brought to Paldea with the intention of sealing its dark powers permanently. However, you can still unleash it and add it to your team if you desire.

How To Obtain Chi-Yu?

This legendary pokemon can be found behind a sealed gate located behind the top part of the Fury Falls, a cascade in the North Province (Area Two) zone. You can find it in the location displayed below:

To get Chi-yu, you must liberate eight stakes that are scattered throughout various regions in the Paldea map. While they're usually easy to spot, some of them are more concealed, and here we'll tell you how to find them.

Chi-Yu Stake Locations





Stake #1

You will find the first stake in North Province (Area Two), right above the entrance of the cave where the gate is.

Stake #2

The second stake will rest on a plaform at the side of the mountain overlooking the North Province (Area Two) Pokemon Center.

Stake #3

This stake will rest at the top of a mount in the western side of North Province (Area One).

Stake #4

On the north part of the Tagtree Thicket you will find this stake, resting on a higher ground level, besides a tree.

Stake #5

Not too far from the last stake, you can find the following one, in a solitary grass patch on high ground, between the Tagtree Thicket and Glaseado Mountain.

Stake #6

At the northeast of Levincia City, you can find the sixth stake besides a huge tree, in a high-ground platform.

Stake #7

On the eastern side of North Province (Area Two), you will find some ruins right beside a mountain, and the stake will be waiting for you, somewhat hidden inside.

Stake #8

At the northwest part of Glaseado Mountain, you will find a part without snow that leads into the sea. Look at your right when you arrive, and you should see this stake waiting for you.

Legendary Battle – Chi-Yu

Once you have pulled all the stakes, you will hear a loud noise coming from the (formerly) sealed gate. A cutscene will play and Chi-Yu will challenge you to a battle, so don't forget to save before that. It will sport the ability "Beads of Ruin", which lowers the Sp. Def stats of your team, so be sure to bring Atk-focused pokemon against it, since its Defense it's way weaker. This legendary pokemon has also a Dark/Fire dual type, so the best options against him are Water, Fighting, Ground, and Rock attacks, since they will all hit it with double damage.

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