Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get The Chipped Pot And Cracked Pot

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Sinistea is one of the most interesting returning Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Not because of its stats or typing, but because of its evolution. While most Pokemon evolve through levels and stones, this Ghost-type Pokemon requires very specific items to evolve.

To evolve Sinistea into Polteageist, you’ll need either a Chipped Pot or Cracked Pot, depending on what kind of Sinistea you have. At a glance, it may be hard to determine which item you need, since it isn't immediately obvious what sort of Sinistea you have, and which item is needed for them.

Phony Or Antique Form

Like some other Pokemon, Sinistea comes in two forms, Phony Form and Antique Form. The only difference to distinguish the two is a stamp of authenticity found on the bottom of the Pokemon. The rare form, Antique Sinistea, will have a stamp on the bottom of the teacup, while the more common Phony form will not.

It can be difficult to determine the form you find in the wild without a good camera angle, so try to catch a glimpse during its battle animations or catch every Sinistea you find if you want a specific form.

Once you've caught the form you want, you'll need the correct item to evolve them. You cannot evolve both forms with the same item. To evolve Phony Sinistea, you will need a Cracked Pot. To evolve Antique Sinistea, you will need a Chipped Pot. If you're still unsure which form you have, you can check its compatibility with either item; if your Sinistea isn't compatible with a Cracked Pot, you have an Antique form and vice versa.

Where To Get The Cracked Pot & The Chipped Pot

The Cracked Pot will be found north of Casseroya Lake to the left of the Groundblight Shrine (Ting-Lu). From the shrine, head left up the hill until you reach water. It is located on the ground next to a small pond against the cliff side.

The Chipped Pot will be found behind the houses in Porto Marinada. Head up the first ramp from the Auction House and head towards the back of the houses. The Chipped Pot will be underneath a large tree.

How To Get More Cracked Pots & Chipped Pots

Unfortunately, since loot does not respawn over time, you cannot go back to the previous locations later and get more of each item. However, there is another method to get more Cracked and Chipped Pots. The Porto Marinada Auction House has three vendors in the middle of the auction that change their products daily.

All three of these vendors have a rare chance to sell Cracked Pots or Chipped Pots at their auctions. If you plan on evolving multiple Sinistea into Polteageist, this is the only way to get more Pots since the item is consumed after the evolution. Just make sure you have lots of cash ready for when the bidding starts.

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