Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Introduce New Terastralise Evolution Mechanic

The Pokemon Presents live stream has just ended and we got a big dose of new information about Scarlet & Violet. As well as having ridable legendaries available from the start of the game, learning the region is called Paldea, and being told we'll be getting three different stories within the game, we've also been introduced to this Gen's new gimmick, the Terastal phenomenon.

Terastralising sees a Pokemon turn into a crystalline version of itself. The Terastral phenomenon powers up a Pokemon's moves and can boost its type, though what it means to boost its type we don't exactly know yet. However, each Pokemon has a Terastral type, meaning they can change type upon entering this form.

Some Pokemon, specifically mentioned, Eevee, can even have multiple Tera types within the same species, so you can go and hunt down the perfect one to add to your team. This can be done in Tera Raid battles, similar to Sword & Shield's Max Raid battles. Only this time, you don't have to fight in order with your team, though strategising with them is recommended.

The live stream stated that "all Pokemon in the Paldea region are able to Terastalise," and that it "makes them shine like gems." They do certainly look shiny and pretty.

There was no mention of whether or not Terastalising would improve a Pokemon's stats, just their type and move power, so this mechanic seems to be a little different to Mega Evolution and Dynamxing, although it still seems similar enough that veteran players should be able to wrap their heads around it pretty quickly. Pokemon having rare Tera types is sure to shake things up in the competitive scene, however.

Also revealed during the live stream was that Pokemon Go and Unite would both be added to the Pokemon VGC this year, to be hosted in London. Pika Party is also coming to Unite – a game mode where all 'mons on the field, including wild ones, are Pikachu.

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