Pokemon Sword & Shield May Have Had A Scarlet & Violet Easter Egg

Pokemon decided to briefly break the internet on Sunday afternoon by shocking us all and revealing gen nine and some all-new games. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will launch on Nintendo Switch before the end of 2022, proving that either Game Freak has an infinite number of employees or the people behind this endless flow of new Pokemon games is able to function without eating and sleeping.

While not confirmed by Pokemon or Game Freak just yet, the region Scarlet & Violet will take place in appears to have been inspired by Spain. The colors from which the games take their names even seems to have been pulled from the colors of the old Spanish flag. Grapes and oranges were also featured in the trailer, fruits grown in that part of the world, and it would appear Pokemon was teasing that's where we would be heading next for a while.

In fairness, it would have been an incredibly big leap to make before the announcement. As was first spotted by DDD-HERO on Reddit, there's a roped-off room in Sword & Shield that includes a curtain with, you guessed it, oranges and grapes on. If you want to pay the curtain a visit for yourself, it can be found at the Hotel Ionia in Circhester.

It isn't the only potential Scarlet & Violet hint DDD-HERO has unearthed in another Pokemon game since the weekend either. They've also highlighted that the flowers in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are scarlet and violet, changed from the colors that they were in the original games. Another potential hat tip to the gen nine games, but BDSP wasn't developed by Game Freak, so that one might well just have been a coincidence.

Whether you think both, either, or neither were homages to Scarlet & Violet, 2022 is shaping up to be another exciting year for Pokemon fans. While it might not be quite as jam-packed as the franchise's 25th anniversary year, we've already had Legends: Arceus and gen nine is yet to come. Not to mention more updates for the former and the ongoing success of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite.

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