Pokemon Unite: Theia Sky Ruins Strategy Guide

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The second full-size map released for Pokemon Unite, the Theia Sky Ruins hosts full-size, ten player matches for both Standard and Ranked play.

Although Theia Sky Ruins shares many features with Remoat Stadium, there are many crucial differences. Possessing a slightly different layout, new features, and a new cast of Wild Pokemon, there is a lot to learn about Theia Sky Ruins if you wish to emerge victorious at this location.

Theia Sky Ruins: Layout And Features

Player Count And Match Duration

Matches played in Theia Sky Ruins will last ten minutes, and require five players on each team.

Theia Sky Ruins Layout

Just like Remoat Stadium, Theia Sky Ruins is broken up into three main lanes: Top, Middle, and Bottom. Each team has five Goal Zones to defend on their half of the map; two in both the top and bottom lanes and one directly outside their main base. Players will spawn in their respective main bases, located on each end of the arena horizontally. Enemy players are unable to enter your main base; while you and your allies will receive rapid health regeneration.

Mimicking the other full-sized map in Pokemon Unite, each team has two Jump Pads that can be used throughout a match. These Jump Pads are located on each team's side of the battlefield, used to quickly launch yourself to the center of the map.

Additionally, a Super Jump Pad will appear in each team's main base at the five-minute mark of the match. Similar to other maps, this can be used to quickly launch yourself to one of six different locations on your side of the battlefield.

Goal Zones And Scoring

When you are inside one of your team's Goal Zones, you will receive a small shield and slowly regenerate health; proving to be a relatively safe location for you and your allies. When attempting to score points, you can only score on the two opposing Goal Zones that are the closest to your side in either lane. These zones, called Active Goal Zones, will be lit up on your mini-map at all points in a Unite battle.

In order to advance past this and score on other Goal Zones further down in each lane, your team will have to break the Active Goal Zones in the way first. Each outer Goal Zone requires 80 points to break, inner Goal Zones require 100 points, and central Goal Zones are indestructible. Once one of your Goal Zones is broken, you and your allies will no longer receive shield or health regeneration at that location.

Points scored when there are two minutes or less remaining in a match will count as double.

Additionally, you and your team will have a speed boost when traveling between your main base and any of your Goal Zones that have not been broken. On the other hand, enemy players that travel in these areas will experience a decrease in their movement speed. This combination allows for your team to quickly and safely retreat when necessary.


There are two different kinds of berries that will spawn throughout Theia Sky Ruins, each providing the user with a specific benefit when consumed. Information regarding these berries can be found below, including their benefit and spawn location.

Berry TypeBoost ProvidedLocation
Sitrus Berry+1,500 HPIn the top and bottom lanes, behind each each's front Goal Zones (two spawn locations for each Goal Zone)
Salac BerryIncreased movement speedIn the center of map, surrounding where Rayquaza appears (four spawn locations)

Theia Sky Ruins: Wild Pokemon

In a Unite match, Wild Pokemon can be knocked out in exchange for experience, increasing your level, and Aeos Energy, the points used to score in Goal Zones. The following Wild Pokemon can be found playing at Theia Sky Ruins.


*These Pokemon only spawn when there are two minutes remaining in the match, replacing its previous evolution

In addition to these, there are two Wild Pokemon that grant buffs to whoever knocks them out. The following Wild Pokemon can be found in Theia Sky Ruins, accompanied by the specific buffs that they provide.

Wild PokemonBuff Provided
AccelgorTemporarily reduces all move cooldowns
EscavalierTemporarily increases the damage of basic attacks and slows enemies that are hit by them

Theia Sky Ruins: Boss Pokemon

Boss Pokemon appear at specific times throughout a Unite match, each granting a bonus to the team that secures the final blow. These bonuses are significantly beneficial, so make sure to do your best to defeat these Pokemon when possible. There are five different Boss Pokemon that may spawn throughout the course of a match at Theia Sky Ruins, each provided below with the benefit that they provide.

Boss PokemonBonus Given For DefeatSpawn TimeLocation
RegielekiMoves towards opponents' nearest Active Goal Zone. If reached, your team can score instantly for 24 seconds.7:00 (Respawns every two minutes)Top Lane
RegirockTemporarily increases Defense and Sp. Defense stats. Also provides a boost to XP.Chance to spawn at 7:00 (Chance to respawn every two minutes)Bottom Lane
RegisteelTemporarily increases Attack and Sp. Attack stats. Also provides a boost to XP.Chance to spawn at 7:00 (Chance to respawn every two minutes)Bottom Lane
RegiceTemporarily increases health recovery speed. Also provides a boost to XP.Chance to spawn at 7:00 (Chance to respawn every two minutes)Bottom Lane
RayquazaGrants shields that protect players from being interrupted while scoring and reduces scoring time by half. Air currents will also appear in the top and bottom lanes when defeated, increasing movement speed2:00Center Lane

Regirock, Registeel, and Regice each have a random chance of spawning when it is time for the Boss Pokemon to appear at the bottom lane.

Theia Sky Ruins: Strategy

Although you can find success when playing with a number of play styles on Theia Sky Ruins, the following strategies are recommended.

  1. Have two players go to the top and bottom lanes and have one player go to the center lane.
  2. Speedsters or other Pokemon with high mobility stats are recommended when playing in the center lane.
  3. Efficiently knock out Wild Pokemon with your allies. This will maximize the experience that your team gains, providing you with a level advantage over your opponent.
  4. Make sure to keep and eye on your HP and are only engaging with the enemy when it is safe to do so. This will prevent you from having to take time to respawn and make your way back to the fight.
  5. Score points at enemy Goal Zones whenever you can safely do so. Without the presence of Zapdos as a Boss Pokemon, every point matters, even early on in the match.
  6. Make sure that you are grouping up with your team to take out Boss Pokemon when they spawn. The benefits that they provide are significant, and can often determine the result of a Unite match.
  7. Rayquaza offers the greatest benefits when it comes to Boss Pokemon, so make sure you are ready when it spawns with two minutes remaining. Follow these steps when possible.
    1. Group up at the center of the map with your allies when Rayquaza spawns
    2. Focus on knocking out opposing Pokemon before taking out Rayquaza, preventing the enemy from stealing the secure from you
    3. The lengthy respawn times at this point in the match will give your team enough time to take out Rayquaza uncontested
  8. If Rayquaza is secured by your team, safely push the enemy's Active Goal Zones. The buffs that your team has at this point will make it relatively easy to score.
  9. Make sure that you have someone back at your team's main base to defend. Use the Super Jump Pad to quickly launch to your Goal Zones and interrupt opponents attempting to score.
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