Pokimane Is Taking A Break From Streaming For A "Mental Reset"

Imane Anys, better known to her fans as Pokimane, has announced she will be taking a prolonged break from streaming to have a "mental reset," explaining that she believes proper breaks are "essential" for a person's health and career.

Pokimane announced her break via her Twitter account on Tuesday (thanks, Polygon), although refrained from including how long her break is going to last. Instead, Pokimane simply says that she's "looking forward to coming back refreshed and ready to make more content" and tells her fans to "take care" and "stay hydrated." While most known for Twitch streaming, Pokimane will also likely be taking a break from her YouTube channel as well.

When it comes to Twitch personalities, Pokimane is pretty up there, making her break from the platform all the more significant. In fact, Pokimane became the first female streamer to hit 9 million followers back in April, cementing her status as one of the platform's most adored creators.

With that much pressure and responsibility, it's no wonder she needs a break, especially when you consider the amount of drama that takes place on Twitch and between Twitch streamers. For example, Pokimane and Asmongold recently weighed in on fellow streamer xQc accepting sponsorships from gambling companies and handing out promotional codes to his audience. Both Pokimane and xQc stated that they'd never accept those types of sponsorships regardless of how much money is to be made.

In other streaming news, Pokimane may have some competition soon as popular musicians Post Malone and Ski Mask the Slump God recently took to Twitch alongside esports player Aceu and raised $20,000 for Human Rights Watch, a global charity dedicated to investigating abuse directed at minorities, refugees, and children in need. The duo's game of choice was Apex Legends and Post Malone seems to be pretty dang good at it. Unfortunately, he mains Octane, so we can't give him full marks on his performance.

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