PUBG Player Lookup Lets You See Detailed Stats Such As Where Bullets Land lets you see detailed reports on every player in the game, including lifetime statistics and match performance.

So you still play PUBG. According to Steamcharts, you’re part of a slowly dying breed of OG battle royale players, but you’ve stuck with it out of love for the game. There’s still nothing quite the same as PUBG in the ever-growing crowd of battle royale shooters, and the countless matches you’ve played have turned you into a true veteran.

Well, those matches aren’t exactly “countless” anymore. will tell you exactly how many matches you’ve played and so much more.

PUBG Lookup doesn’t seem like much of a website from a casual glance, but it’s an extremely powerful tool to learn not just about yourself as a PUBG player, but also about your opponents. As the name implies, you can look up anyone who plays PUBG to see what weapons they favor, how accurate is their aim, and how often they’ve made it to the final 10 in any given match.

But you can also lookup far more than that. Detailed match reports go into the excruciating minutiae of now just how much damage you dealt or how many kills you secured, but also where you dealt damage and got those kills. Damage dealt to players is tracked per location, such as head, torso, or limbs, and a detailed timeline tells you when and where those wounds were inflicted.

Lifetime stats gives the expected summary of total wins, top 10 finishes, K/D ratio, kills-per-match, and average damage, but also goes into things like survival time and your furthest sniper shot. It even goes into how far you walked, swam, or drove, and PUBG Lookup shows details for every platform that PUBG is played on.

There are other sections of the site too that can help with hosting your own PUBG tournament or getting information on the newly enabled bots that were added last spring. Public games can be anywhere from 20% to 90% bots, according to PUBG Lookup, which also provides other useful tips for dealing with AI-controlled players.

One thing that PUBG Lookup doesn’t seem to display is hacker statistics, and with 2.2 million accounts banned on PUBG Mobile, that’s something that PUBG Corp likely wants to keep under wraps.

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