Pulp Fiction Turned Into A Fan-Made PS1 Game

Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction is one of the most well-known modern classics out there. Countless shows have parodied it, with The Simpsons doing a whole episode in its anthology style. Now, someone has turned it into a PS1 game, and yes, Samuel L. Jackson's famous speech is in it.

Redditor westonfahey79 posted a clip of the game to r/gaming earlier today. People have left comments formatted off of quotes from the film, like "You left the foot fuckin' master behind. He's got his technique down and everything. He don't be ticklin' or nothin'."

Others said they hope Tarantino himself sees it. If he does, let's just hope he likes it and doesn't hit it with a copyright strike. There's also a longer video that shows off more of the opening sequence of the film.

Starting with the iconic car boot shot as Jules and Vincent chat, players then take the role of Vincent as he enters the elevator in the apartments across the street. Going too fast causes a message of "you left Jules behind" to pop up.

The visuals and animations are exactly as you'd expect from a PS1 demake, and worse than any PS1 game in your memory looks. This demake has cutscenes as well as gameplay, and we see Jules repeat his iconic speech from the original film.

Vincent noses around the apartment, looking in cupboards for the mysterious briefcase. Everyone then has to get out quickly before the cops arrive, but you can't just run ahead, you have to make sure Marvin keeps up so you can paint the inside of Jules' car with his brains later. Shooting him will cause him to die and the mission to fail.

These PS1 fan-made demakes have been proving to be popular projects for people recently. A fully playable Bloodborne PS1 demake, titled Bloodborne PSX was made available back in February, and it got over 100,000 downloads in less than 24 hours.

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