Qiqi Genshin Impact Build Guide

All the characters you can recruit to join your party in Genshin Impact are at the mercy of RNG. The higher the star grade a character has, the lower the odds you have of getting one in your draw, so when you do get a 5-star grade character like Qiqi, you will want to take full advantage of their potential. With the game still being so new, it might be hard to know what the best build for this character is, but we’ll tell you all about how to make her a cold-blooded killer.

Best Qiqi Build In Genshin Impact

Qiqi is a strange character in terms of personality, but the roles she’s best suited to will make her fit right in with your party. She wields a sword, the Cryo element, but is most importantly a healer. While this should be your primary focus when building her, she can also be a very powerful damage dealer as well.

Best Weapons

Sacrificial Sword – This sword has a trigger where, when an enemy is damaged by an elemental attack, that attack’s cooldown has a 40% chance of instantly resetting. This can only happen once every 30 seconds.

The Flute – While wielding The Flute Qiqi’s normal and charged attacks gain Harmonic when they land. If you build up five Harmonics it will trigger an AOE musical blast.

Best Artifact Sets

For a healing focused build, the best Artifact set is the Maiden Beloved. This set boosts healing power by 15%, as well as buffs the effects of healing received by other allies by 20% for ten seconds after using an Elemental skill or Burst.

If you want Qiqi to be more of a powerhouse, go for the Noblesse Oblige artifact set. This set will buff her elemental burst damage, plus increase all other unit’s attack after she uses a burst ability.

Qiqi Abilities And Skills

Qiqi, as a sword wielder, has very familiar normal and charged attacks. Her normal attack goes up to a five-hit combo, and her charge can dish out two quick strikes. Plunging attacks, on the other hand, does AOE damage to all enemies on the ground upon hit.

Her Elemental Skill is called Herald of Frost. When this is active Cryo damage will be dealt to any nearby enemies, and any attacks Qiqi lands with her sword will regenerate HP for the entire party. The amount of HP healed scales up with the amount of damage she inflicts. The skill lasts for 15 seconds and comes with a 30-second cooldown.

Qiqi’s Elemental Burst has her mark all enemies within range with a Fortune-Preserving Talisman. Whenever an enemy that is marked takes damage, whoever dealt that damage will regenerate HP. This skill also lasts for 15 seconds but has a slightly shorter cooldown of 20 seconds.

Qiqi’s Passive Talents

Finally, Qiqi has three passive talents that boost her healing abilities.

Life-Prolonging Methods makes any character healing from Herald of Frost get an additional 20% boost to how much HP they gain for eight seconds.

A Glimpse into Arcanum gives Qiqi a 50% chance that her normal and charged attacks will automatically apply the Fortune-Preserving Talisman effect for six seconds. This can only happen once every 30 seconds.

Finally, an out of combat passive, Former Life Memories will show you Liyue specific resources on your mini-map.

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