Red Dead Online Fans Lament New Update, Almost One Year Since Any Real Additions

Despite commercial and critical success, Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer, Red Dead Online, doesn't receive nearly as much love from Rockstar as its golden child, GTA Online. Fans aren't happy, and they're complaining about the latest update – one that offers a whole load of nothing.

YouTuber PvP Cat shared a video they made discussing the recent update to their Twitter page. They say the event "looks pretty terrible," but it "doesn't even matter," because next week marks a year since the game's last proper update. The Blood Money update, which wasn't exactly a feast.

The update contains:

  • discounts on ammo
  • discount on gun belts
  • fast travel post discount
  • discount on throwable weapons
  • discount on hats & gloves
  • free clothes and items
  • no need to log in every week for different pieces of an outfit
  • discount on multiclass horses
  • triple money for featured PvP series

What this update does not contain: new or returning limited offer clothing. So, it's an event that gives you some discounts and a bit of extra cash, nothing new has actually been added to the game.

Red Dead Online players haven't been happy with updates for a while. Fans recently tried to #SaveRedDeadOnline, and although Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick acknowledged their frustration, he didn't actually promise anything, so things aren't looking great for the game.

There are countless memes about how Rockstar pumps all its cash and attention into GTA Online while it leaves Red Dead Online and its fanbase to fade into obscurity.

In other Red Dead Redemption news, a video recently went viral that showed off just how realistic the game's physics are. When a player lassos an NPC aiming a gun at them, the jerking motion causes the gun to fly upwards just as they pull the trigger, ending with them shooting themselves in the head.

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