Redfall Is Reportedly Targeting A Release In May

Xbox’s upcoming exclusive title Redfall, is reportedly set to launch in May 2023, with an early access period similar to Forza Horizon also being planned.

Following recent reports of an internal delay, Windows Central reporter Jez Corden has corroborated a leak from Twitter user Okami13 that suggests that Redfall is aiming to launch in the first week of May. Since Redfall's first delay, a new release date has never been officially confirmed, but reports suggested a March 2023 launch. It seems that target has now slipped by two months.

Windows Central also reports that Redfall will have an early access period of sorts, similar to the premium editions of Forza Horizon. Early access to the game will likely work similarly as it did with Forza Horizon, and will likely only grant a couple of days of early access.

At this point, another delay isn’t a surprise as the game has been delayed multiple times since its announcement in June 2021. During that time, it was targeting a Summer 2022 launch, which never happened. Later, a May 2022 announcement revealed that Redfall and Starfield had both been delayed to the first half of 2023.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer also addressed this delay when he said “We have experienced shipping games too early”. Clearly, Xbox doesn’t want Redfall to meet the same fate Halo Infinite did, as it looks to give the game and the developers the time they need to launch.

Following a relatively quiet 2022, Redfall has a lot riding on it as one of the first big exclusives for the platform in 2023, next to the highly anticipated Starfield. Phil Spencer also admitted that it had been a while since they released a major title, and fans also felt the same when Xbox was virtually missing from The Game Awards 2022. Despite this, the company has assured fans that it has some big announcements for 2023, where a recent report claimed that Xbox is planning a showcase for early 2023.

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