Redfall’s Into The Night Trailer Introduces Its Creepy Bloodsuckers

It's been a while since we've heard from Redfall, the coming co-op shooter from Arkane Studios. The game was first announced during last year's Microsoft/Bethesda showcase at E3, and just like a vampire overlord, Arkane has released a steady trickle of information to keep us coming back for more.

Today’s trailer reintroduces us to the town of Redfall while simultaneously introducing us to the game’s vampiric denizens. It seems like everything in this town wants you dead and your soul extracted to power some unholy experiment.

We’ll start with the town, which is just full of blood. There’s a farmers market that seems perpetually on fire, a rolling red fog that gives everything a blood-soaked hue, and a giant floating heart that appears to be sucking the life out of several imprisoned victims. One might assume that to be a mission objective for four heroes with supernatural powers.

Then there are the vampires themselves. It looks like your standard bloodsucker just sort of floats around and attacks whenever you get too close, but there are also more specialized vampires that have greater capabilities. The Watcher, for example, replaces its eye sockets with searchlights that will alert other vampires to a living presence. And the Angler appears to hang out on power lines, firing sticky tongues at victims like a giant, blood-sucking chameleon.

And don’t forget the town cultists, who seem very okay with the macabre makeover the town has undergone ever since a failed experiment released real vampires into the world. This is why you don’t skimp on public education, by the way. Kids need to know vampires are bad at a young age.

There are other things we know about the vampires from previous info drops. We know that some vampires live in pocket dimensions that offer far more protection than a mere coffin. And unlike what you might have learned from some vampire-philic media sources, there will be absolutely no romantic options between humans and vampires. Again, circling back to that public education thing.

Redfall is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2023.

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