Reggie Fils-Aimé Says The Nintendo Switch Allowed Him To Ease Into Retirement

Reggie Fils-Aime has been enjoying retirement life for almost two years now, though the former Nintendo of America president still stays busy sitting at the board for companies like GameStop and Brunswick Corporation, working on educational ventures, playing Nintendo Switch games and even starting his own podcast last year.

The last time video game fans got to see Reggie was at last year’s The Game Awards, but the beloved former executive still finds time to make smaller occasional media appearances related to the gaming industry, such as his recent sit down with Danny Peña for Gamertag Radio’s 16th Anniversary special where he touched upon several topics, including the console wars of the past two decades.

Of course one of the subjects addressed during the interview was the Nintendo Switch’s overwhelming success, which is now verging on Wii levels of sales. In Reggie’s own words, he recalls the first time he and Satoru Iwata saw an early Nintendo Switch prototype and it gave him the same feeling that he got when getting to play with the 3DS and Wii Sports, mainly because its portability catered to a key necessity for avid gamers and even more casual consumers.

At the same time, Reggie pointed to other crucial decisions Nintendo made for the Switch, like Unity and Unreal Engine support, as decisive factors that helped secure the console’s current popularity and vast catalogue of games. In the end, he truly considered the Switch something that would let him retire with greater peace of mind as he instantly knew the console would secure years of financial stability and success for Nintendo.

Reggie’s tenure at Nintendo of America saw him leave after leading the launches of what are now set to become Nintendo’s most successful consoles ever, the Wii and the Switch, while also playing a pivotal role in the huge sales numbers put up by the DS and 3DS family of systems. Not only that, his likable personality made him a beloved figure for Nintendo fans, which grew to love his keynote presentations and are now thrilled to hear whenever the latest Nintendo Direct is coming.

Knowing that former Nintendo executives were so confident of the Switch’s potential from so early on, it’s no wonder that the company is in no rush to release a new Switch Pro anytime soon.

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