Remnant From The Ashes: How To Get The Magnum Revolver

In Remnant: From The Ashes you can get guns from either defeating bosses or by doing a good deed once in a while. The latter involves helping out folk from Earth and getting rewards for it. These rewards tend to be guns that don’t need to be crafted and therefore have no special abilities locked onto them. Having guns without attached mods gives you more freedom to experiment with different builds.

Finding these quest weapons gives you more of a reason to reroll your Remnant: From The Ashes adventures. Not only do you have to find every non-optional boss and get their special rewards, but you’ll have to find every secret item you missed too. To reroll your campaign or adventure, you need to interact with the world stone at Ward 13 and click World Settings at the bottom of the screen menu. Once you’re ready, here’s how to unlock the Magnum Revolver.

It Starts With Ace

To get the magnum revolver, a secondary pistol in the game, you need to first find a lost item of Ace’s.

Ace is the NPC in Ward 13 who gave you an introduction to fighting during the prologue and who sells extra materials. You don’t have to wait for her to give you this quest. Instead, you get the quest by finding her lost item, a Strange Coin, by happenstance.

Scour Earth’s Lands For A Strange Coin

Finding the Strange Coin may involve utilizing multiple rerolls in adventure mode to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes it comes as easy as appearing right before you after a dungeon, while during other times it can be hidden in buildings.

The Strange Coin will be a purple glowing item found on Earth. It used to only spawn in dungeons, but it can now be found just about anywhere on Earth. Anywhere at all. This is why it can become tedious trying to acquire the magnum revolver.

  • There is no designated location for the strange coin

There are multiple Earth maps as you progress throughout the story, just like there are different Corsus and Yaesha areas. The Strange Coin should spawn in the first map of Earth, which ever map that may be on your roll. There’s no real strategy here except to loot everything. Every dungeon and every outside area. Be sure to check your inventory for a Strange Coin in case you accidentally picked it up without realizing.

Hand The Coin In To Ace At Ward 13

After you find the Strange Coin all you have to do is return it to Ace at Ward 13. You’ll get some short dialogue with her and then voila, the magnum revolver is yours.

The magnum revolver does a base damage of 65 and has no attached weapon mod, unlike craftable boss weapons. It’s a small gun but it shoots hard, feeling much like the hive cannon hand gun found in Yaesha. The magnum revolver is best at medium range, but can become flexible when need be.

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