Resident Evil 7: Every Fuse & Where To Find Them

After the release of Resident Evil 4, the series began to step away from the puzzle solving roots of the original, opting instead for an action oriented experience. Both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 followed in its predecessors footsteps, breaking up gameplay in an even more linear fashion at the expense of immersion. Resident Evil was losing what defined itself: a healthy mix of combat and puzzle solving coated in genuine survival horror.

Although the game is played in a first person perspective, Resident Evil 7 feels more like the first game than Resident Evil 2 ever did. Downplaying action considerably, Resident Evil 7 uses its camera to build up to tense encounters while featuring plenty of puzzles along the way. Resident Evil 7 makes a strong first impression with the Guest House, an early area lacking in puzzles that combat that nonetheless sets a perfect tone.

While it might seem insignificant at the time, Resident Evil 7 has Ethan searching for a Fuse to find his wife Mia at the start of the game – only for this to be flipped come the mid-game. After Ethan breaks out of the Baker estate, it becomes Mia’s turn to save her husband: and her first main step is finding a Fuse.

Into The Guest House

In a rare aversion to tradition, Resident Evil 7 begins in broad daylight. The sun is high in the sky as Ethan makes its way to the Baker Estate and it isn’t until he confronts Mia in the Guest House that the sky turns dark and Resident Evil 7 settles into a long night. All the same, this bright opening helps in setting the mood for the main game proper.

From Ethan’s car, simply follow the path and take in the glow of a setting sun. Players will get a sneak peak of Jack as they cross the bayou, but there’s nothing you can actually do to catch up or interact with him. As Ethan reaches the Guest House, he’ll find Mia’s pocket book outside. Open the door into the Guest House and it’ll lock behind Ethan, leaving players in total darkness.

Finding The Bolt Cutters

Soon after being locked in the Guest House, Ethan will take out his flashlight and light the way. Head down the hallway and make note of the chained up dresser up ahead. The Fuse is locked inside, but Ethan won’t be able to actually get his hands on it until he finds the Bolt Cutters. Go up to the Attic to find the Derelict House Footage VHS. Go down stairs and place it into the VCR in the living room.

Control will swap over to Clancy (the Sewer Gators’ camera man) for now. Just follow the cutscene as it moves along and you’ll eventually spot a lever in the fireplace that unlocks a secret door. When control switches back to Ethan, interact with the fireplace and crouch through the hiding place on the adjacent wall.

Ethan will break the ladder going down, but Mia will be locked up in a cell ahead. Grab the Bolt Cutters in the nearby room to unlock Mia’s cell. From here, players will need to follow Mia and then survive a small skirmish with her upstairs (all of this happens in a linear sequence) before players finally have an opportunity to grab the Fuse.

Guest House Fuse

After Mia has been defeated, Ethan can finally double back to the front of the Guest House and use the Bolt Cutters on the dresser. Inside, he’ll find the Fuse. With the Fuse in hand, return to the living room where you watched the VHS and place the Fuse into the nearby control panel. This will allow Ethan to unlock the upper floors of the Attic.

Once in the Attic, hit the switch to lower a staircase that Ethan will be able to take up. He’ll also find a nearby Handgun and some Handgun Bullets in preparation for the first boss fight against Mia. As mentioned, however, this isn’t the only instance of Resident Evil 7 featuring a Fuse puzzle.

General Purpose Fuse

Regardless of whether players cure Mia or Zoe, the former becomes playable during the Wrecked Ship. Mia’s goal is to track down Ethan, mirroring the start of the game. Going along with this is the fact that Mia has to find a Fuse in order to rescue her husband. The General Purpose Fuse will need to be found twice over the course of Mia’s gameplay segment.

Fortunately, the Fuse will be found in the first floor Laundry Room both times. The first time Mia needs the Fuse, it’s to unlock a nearby stairwell. The second time, it’s to repair the ship’s elevator so she can actually rescue Ethan. Keep in mind that there’s a Molded in the Laundry Room, but it’s perfectly doable to just rush in and grab the Fuse both times without confrontation.

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