Resident Evil 7: How To Escape The Mine & Defeat The Final Boss

Common for the franchise, Resident Evil 7 has three major settings players ultimately explore: the Baker estate, a Wrecked Ship called the Annabelle, and the Salt Mines where Resident Evil 7 finally comes to a close. Generally, Resident Evil builds up to an action packed finale where players are allowed to expend as much ammo as possible leading up to the final boss. Resident Evil 7 is no exception, but it has the distinction of still balancing some genuine horror even as it builds towards a conclusion.

The Salt Mines are claustrophobic and tight in terms of level design. Packed full with Molded, surviving the Mines proves to be one of Resident Evil 7’s most difficult endeavors. Worse, players need to make it through the Mine while conserving enough healing and weaponry to still stand a chance against the final boss (albeit not a particularly challenging affair in Resident Evil 7’s case).

With nothing left in Resident Evil 7 after the Salt Mines, it’s imperative not to hold back while still being strategic. The Mine is a test of players’ mastery – from item management to gunplay and pure survival instincts. The Mines are no Baker house, but they’re a great set piece to end Resident Evil 7 on.

Inventory Prep

Ethan will get another chance to visit the Item Box before the final boss, but most of the Salt Mines will be spent with whatever equipment you walk in with. As a result, it’s more important than ever to plan accordingly. There are also item pick-ups within the Mine that are worth looking out for (including the final dose of Steroids in the game).

Saving at least two inventory slots for pick-ups, bring the Handgun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher with all the ammo you can carry along with at least two slots of First Aid Meds. The Machine Gun and Burner aren’t particularly useful inside the Mines, but they can be helpful for those low on ammo for their better weapons. Anyone who has the Magnum should feel free to use their ammo now (if any remained after the fight with Jack).

As soon as Ethan’s inventory has been arranged, heal up if necessary, make sure to save, and exit the Mine Office. Molded will spawn and start to swarm Ethan as he makes his way to the Salt Mine elevator, so be prepared to fight right away.

Into The Mines

There are six regular Molded guarding the elevator in the Mine Entrance Path and while confident players might want to try rushing right to the elevator or guarding their way through a horde of Molded, it’s best to just hold your ground and fight. Keeping in mind that there are only 4 additional Shotgun Shells in the mind (and roughly a dozen more Molded to cut through), only use the Shotgun if you have ammo to spare. Otherwise take the Molded out with Handgun headshots.

Take the elevator down and kill the Quick Molded in the Mine Entrance. There will be regular Molded inside the connected Cavern. There aren’t any enemies in the Winding Tunnel, but be aware of the 3 regular Molded and 1 Quick Molded at the Crossroads up ahead. From here, you’re safe until you hit the Office where Ethan can access his Item Box again. Grab any healing you might need and push on ahead until you reach the Spiralling Cavern where you’ll fight 8 regular Molded and 2 Quick Molded.

The Spiralling Cavern is a notably challenging area to hunker down and kill all the Molded in. If you’re good on health and First Aid Meds, consider running through while blocking appropriately. It’s possible to cut through almost all of the Molded without confrontation (though be prepared to shoot).

2 Fat Molded will spawn once Ethan makes it to the Abandoned Mine, but this is the last confrontation before the final boss. Use the Grenade Launcher to easily drop both Fat Molded and then loot the Strong First Aid Med, regular First Aid Med, and Green Herb before pushing onto the final Safe Room.

Final Safe Room

Good news: the Salt Mine is the hardest part of the finale. The final battle against Eveline is one of the easiest final boss fights in Resident Evil. Evie’s fight is more of a puzzle battle that turns into a full spectacle by the end. There’s a catharsis in beating her, but that doesn’t mean you should go in unprepared.

Eveline hits hard and can easily kill a careless player so bring all your healing items since they’ll survive no purpose from here on out, as well as your favorite guns and any ammo. Virtually anything will work in defeating Eveline and the actual final phase is a mainly scripted event.

Final Battle

The first phase of the final battle takes place at the top of the Guest House and has Ethan entirely on the offensive. Evie will fire out blasts of energy that’ll damage Ethan and push him back. The goal here is to withstand Eveline’s attacks in order to inject her with serum. Walk whenever she isn’t attacking and always block when she does her telegraph. Do this enough times and Ethan will be able to inject her.

Evie will morph into a grotesque with a giant face. Aim directly at her fire, firing whatever you have equipped into. Make sure to block any attack Evie does (always clearly telegraphed) and heal whenever there’s an opening (of which there are many). After dealing enough damage, Evie will eventually throw you into the air.

After Ethan lands back down, someone will be yelling into his watch to grab the gun next to him. Pick up the Albert-01 and fire directly into Evie’s face. She’ll occasionally try to block with her arms, but there’s more than enough ammo to put her down for good and finish Resident Evil 7.

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