Resident Evil Village: How To Equip And Remove Weapon Charms

A Raccoon weapon charm was included with preorders of Resident Evil: Village. If you preordered the latest entry in the Resident Evil franchise, you may be eager to equip this. However, there may come a point where that dangling Raccoon starts to rip you out of the immersion, making you want to remove the weapon charm.

Resident Evil: Village is filled with serious, poignant moments, so wacky weapon charms can certainly become a distraction. This guide will cover everything you need to know to equip and remove weapon charms in Resident Evil: Village.

How To Equip Weapon Charms In Resident Evil: Village

Weapon Charms will not be available immediately when you start Resident Evil: Village. Even after finding your first weapon, you will still need to do a significant portion of the game before you can access this preorder bonus.

To equip the Raccoon weapon charm, you need to meet the Duke. This is the merchant who will sell you items and upgrades throughout Resident Evil: Village. You will not find the Duke until you have progressed a few hours through the story, so keep playing until you meet him. He is an essential character who can’t be missed, so don’t worry about possibly skipping interactions with him.

When you meet the Duke, look through the items that he has available. You will see his usual array of items, as well as any preorder bonuses that you got with Resident Evil: Village. These preorder bonuses will cost 0 Lei, so you can add them to your inventory for free. Then, select the Raccoon weapon charm in your inventory and combine it with a gun to equip it.

How To Remove Weapon Charms In Resident Evil: Village

In Resident Evil: Village, there is no way to remove weapon charms. Once you have equipped a charm, it cannot be detached from that gun. This means there is no way to take them off a certain gun or swap weapon charms on to another. If you sell a gun with a weapon charm equipped to the Duke, you will lose the charm.

However, you can completely disable weapon charms in the settings menu. In the options, scroll down to special and you will find a toggle for displaying weapon charms. Turn it off to make weapon charms disappear. You can always enable weapon charms again if you want them back at any time.

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