Riot Unveils Rell as Newest League of Legends Champion

Riot Games has officially confirmed Rell, the Iron Maiden, as League of Legends’ final champion of 2020. The Noxian warrior is a product of experiments conducted at the Black Rose Academy. The armored support champion is expected to ride into League servers with patch 10.25, which will release on December 9th.

Rell is revealed as a “heavy-armored battle maiden,” riding into every fight on an iron horse, while she wields a massive weapon. Alongside her initial character reveal, Riot gave a first look at all of her abilities, complete with short videos demonstrating her powerful moves.

Rell’s passive ability, called Break the Mold, will see the maiden attack very slowly while temporarily stealing some of her enemy’s Armor and Magic Resist. She’ll deal bonus damage based on the amount stolen from her opponent. Rell can steal resistance from multiple enemies to “grow extremely tanky.”

Shattering Strike is Rell’s Q ability, which allows her to stab forward with her lance, damaging all enemies in her path. Damage dealt decreases after the first enemy hit. If Rell has a teammate bound through her E ability, both she and that ally will regain health based on the damage dealt by Shattering Strike.

Ferromancy, Rell’s W ability, has two sides. The first, Crash Down, can only be cast while Rell is mounted. The ability lets her turn that mount into a shield that lasts until it is destroyed or she remounts. Rell jumps into the air, crashing down on enemies around her. She can cast her E and R abilities during the change.

The second W ability, Mount Up, can only be cast when Rell is in armored form. Rell transforms her armor into a mount, giving her a movement speed boost. In her next attack, she charges her target, dealing bonus damage and throwing them behind her.

Rell’s E, Attract and Repel, allows her to bind an ally to her, giving them bonus Armor and Magic Resist while still in range. Recasting the ability will break the bind and stun all enemies around and between Rell and her teammate.

Magnet Storm is Rell’s ultimate, or R, ability. Once activated, Rell creates a magnetic ring around her, pulling in all nearby enemies for a few seconds. The ring does not stop the enemies’ actions.

Rell will gallop into League of Legends’ live servers next month.

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