Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song – Complete Guide To Treasure Maps

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Unless you know what you're doing in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song, getting top-tier equipment and items is a bit of a chore. Money is hard to come by and items cost a bundle. It's a very open game that leaves you to your own devices, so there are tons of goals to pursue.

If you happen upon a treasure map, that's sure to become your number-one goal. Even the lowest level treasure maps can hold incredible riches for new players! That said, the game is pretty cryptic about how to actually use those treasure maps.

How To Get Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are exceedingly rare. In previous versions of the game, they had a one percent chance of dropping from enemies. As this game discourages you from grinding on random encounters, this means it may be multiple hours before you find one.

In New Game Plus, certain monsters have a higher chance of dropping treasure maps, but the chance is still incredibly low. They can be identified by their crowns.

How To Use Treasure Maps

The first step to using a treasure map to find an actual treasure chest is to examine the map in your inventory. There two things of note here: the treasure map's location, which is indicated by the name underneath 'Item Details,' and the treasure map's search level.

  • The location tells you where you'll need to go to find the treasure, obviously.
  • The search level tells you both the quality of the treasure and what level of Find Treasure you'll need to be able to dig it up.

In addition to Find Treasure, you'll also need to have the Excavate equipped. These are both Proficiencies, and their levels are based on your maximum Search and Gathering ranks in your party, respectively.

  • Consult our class guide to see where to find Mentors who can train you in Search and Gathering.
  • Both Find Treasure and Excavate can be acquired in Gato's Village, Godongo, Jelton, Northpoint, Pirate Coast, Weston, and Uso.

Once you have a treasure map and the requisite Proficiencies equipped, head to the location of the treasure. Once you're on the correct screen, you'll spot a second hand added to the compass that appears under your mini-map – it's blue instead of red. This is the hand that points at the treasure.

If the treasure is located in an region made up of multiple areas, such as the Jungle on Walon Isle, it's handy to know that the blue compass arrow will only appear when you're in the correct area.

Follow the blue arrow to the treasure spot and then use Find Treasure, followed by Excavate. This will reveal the long-awaited treasure chest.

It may be possible to Quick Save and before using Find Treasure to reroll the contents of the chest – this can be handy for finding great items.

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