RuneScape’s 20th Anniversary Event Continues With A Week-Long "Celebration Of Combat"

This year marks RuneScape’s 20th anniversary, and Jagex has promised to celebrate the historic milestone with special events throughout 2021. Today marks the beginning of the Celebration of Combat event, one that provides you with powerful buffs to keep you safe during your time in Gielinor.

Arguably the biggest perks this week is the removal of death costs, making difficult content and quests more accessible – you won’t lose anything if defeated in combat, so you might as well tackle some of those high-level quests you’ve been putting off for a rainy day. Here’s the full list of combat-based buffs:

  • Improved chance for Rare Drop Table drops.
  • Greater chance to receive the best loot from the Rare Drop Table.
  • 50% more Slayer XP on all tasks.
  • No death cost.

RuneScape has also added a golem to the game – one that provides an hour-long Elder Overload buff if you “give him a whack on the noggin.” Meanwhile, Lumbridge Crater has seen yet another makeover, including an anniversary portal that takes you directly to War’s Retreat and golem target dummies that aid in combat. Jagex said “there’s a reward for interacting with them all, so keep checking back throughout the week.”

The Wise Old Man is still lingering about, too, so make sure to swing by the Crater and pick up your commemorative 20th Anniversary cap and outfit for free.

If you haven’t yet wrapped up The Knight Before Christmas Yak Track, there are a still a few more weeks to finish up and earn exclusive gear. The event will disappear on January 24, along with all its holiday-themed rewards.

RuneScape is off to a strong start in 2021, and there’s plenty of content coming your way over the next several months. Old School RuneScape is even getting in on the 20th anniversary fun, with the launch of a nostalgic questline and the iconic Soul Wars minigame.

For more information, check out the official RuneScape website.

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