Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game: How To Beat Gideon Graves

With six members in the League of Evil Exes defeated, only one remains. The most powerful member and leader of the group, Gideon Graves, stands between players and completion. Scott Pilgrim and his friends will need to use all the skills and abilities they’ve learned so far to beat the game’s most difficult boss.

With the longest boss fight in the game, one filled with various phases, areas, and mechanics, first-time players may need some guidance to best the League’s leader. Take some notes and strap as you make your way to the game’s final area.

Prep Work

Gideon’s Graves is the final boss in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game. Players will want to make sure they’re amply upgraded and stock with lives and health. Those looking to grab some upgrades will want to head back to the Shopping District of World 1. Head over to Wallace’s Mystery Shop or Shock Wave Records to purchase some upgrades. The items available at these shops are:

Shock Wave Records

  • The Clash at Demonhead- $14.95 (+64 Guts, +8 Willpower)
  • Smashing Turnips- $16.95 (+64 Guts, +8 Strength)
  • Crash and the Boys- $14.95 (+64 Guts, +8 Speed)
  • Winifred Hailey- $15.95 (+64 Guts, +8 Defense)
  • Kupek- $14.95 (+40 Guts, +2 Strength, +2 Defense, +2 Speed, +2 Willpower)

Wallace’s Mystery Shop

  • Tlaloc’s Feast- $49.95 (An Extra Life)
  • Ambrosia- $59.95 (+200 HP, +200 Guts. Can be carried)
  • Bionice Arm- $129.95 (+50 Strength)
  • Never-Ending Fantasy- $119.95 (+30 Defense, +30 Willpower)
  • Speedy the Porcupine- $109.95 (+50 Speed)

Grab the upgrades your character needs before proceeding to World 7 and Chaos Theater.

Chaos Theater Elevator

World 7‘s first area, the Chaos Theater Elevator, is a race against time. Players need to beat enemies that appear on the elevator on their way down, destroying the blocks that clamp down on the lift to halt progress. Scott and his friends have 4 minutes to reach the bottom of the lift, so keep the following tips in mind when descending.

  • When moving down, push enemies off the edge, as they’ll instantly be KO’ed.
  • Always prioritize the lift blocks.
  • Enemies that enter with the lift blocks must be beaten to progress.
  • Pick up and use any weapons, as they’ll make quick work of enemies.

Take care not to take too much damage in this brawl, as there will be no way to replenish health unless Scott returns to the map or gets a Game Over. Once the lift has made its way to the bottom of Chaos Theater, the final boss fight awaits.

Sub-Boss: Super Gideon Graves

The level’s Sub-Boss is Super Gideon Graves, a beefed-up version of the final baddie. He’s physically stronger than his precursors and sports unique moves that players will want to keep an eye for:

  • Flying Body Slam
  • Shoulder Charge
  • Meteor Rain
  • Drop Kick
  • Downed Attack
  • Meteor Drop

Super Gideon excels in power, so his hits will pack a punch. When he’s on the ground, get close and deal some damage with a variety of attacks. Watch out for his Drop Kick, though. Those who have the ultimate moves for their characters will want to remember to use them for consistent damage. Don’t get close to Gideon after knocking him off his feet, as he’ll use a Downed Attack to retaliate, even while lying down.

Be on the lookout for his Flying Body Slam. Gideon will jump into the air and attempt to crush his enemies beneath them while knocking them to their feet. Dash away when he gets in the air to avoid being hit.

Gideon’s other special move is Shoulder Charge. He will ram players with his side while running forward. Hop above or below to remove Scott from his path. Each of these moves is telegraphed by a white glow as Gideon readies them. He cannot be harmed while using these moves, so focus on defense and gain some distance.

The next move in Super Gideon’s repertoire is his Meteor Rain. This move sees Gideon leave the screen and send large meteors down to attack enemies. Be on the lookout for shadows, as they will indicate where these meteors fall.

When he’s close to death, Super Gideon will use Meteor Drop. This move sends a giant meteor to crush Scott. Other than this, his moves in the second stage are unchanged. Continue to combat him until he is KO’ed, which prompts the next sequence.


Gideon will transport players to an area in Subspace. Move forward carefully; several obstacles will injure the unprepared:

  • Falling Liquid
  • Flying Enemies

Dash past the dropping liquid, as it will inflict damage, even knocking players off the edge of the Subspace‘s path.

A pair of flying enemies await players as they make their way down the path, so be prepared to block. Once they’re gone, move forward until Scott reaches a pair of clouds with a sword wedged within them. Gideon stands beside it and will head in the other direction after staring Scott down.

This sword is The Power of Love, the game’s strongest weapon. Make sure to grab it before moving forward, as it makes the following fight much easier. Gideon’s next phase is just down this path.

Gigadeon Graves: Phase One

After grabbing The Power of Love, head forward to find Gideon’s next form, Gigadeon Graves. The amalgamation of all the game’s previous bosses stands before players. To take down Gideon, Scott will have to deal with the spirits of his former foes. In this phase, the ghosts of Scott’s past harbor the following abilities:

  • Electric Shocks
  • Electro Balls

The Power of Love will make this phase far easier. Unlike the game’s other melee weapons, The Power of Love can attack from across the field. Keep away from this boss as getting too close triggers its Electric Shock ability.

Swing the sword from afar to dish out some damage. Take care to watch out, as the heads of this beast will occasionally vomit Electro Balls. While they do substantial damage, they’re slow and easy to dodge.

Gigadeon Graves: Phase Two

In phase two of this encounter, Gigadeon moves down, taking center stage. To damage this boss, players will have to damage the heart hidden behind Gideon’s hulking arms by dealing enough damage to them, all while looking out for his unique set of attacks:

  • Stage Destruction
  • Giga Punch
  • Shockwave Slam 
  • Lightning Strike

Gigadeon will use Giga Punch and Shockwave to repel players who stay close, so use The Power of Love to attack from a distance.

Stay mobile when Gigadeon uses Lightning Strike, this move paints targets on the ground as warnings. Stage Destruction will periodically break off pieces of the map, so try to finish this phase quickly.

Once finished, the Final Stage: Techno Base will begin.

Final Stage: Techno Base

After beating Gideon’s second form, players must chase him through the game’s final level, Techno Base. Here an array of traps and an army of robots awaits Scott. Most of these enemies are familiar bots that he’s beaten before. Continue through this area, cleaning out enemies while taking as little damage as possible. The first few areas harbor fairly simple enemies, so be patient and take them out one by one.

This area will introduce some blue hair cyber ladies that are substantially stronger than the other enemies, so be cautious when confronting them. Players can expect them to come out of bronze holding chambers displayed in the Techno Base background

Keep an eye out for the game’s final shop, the Techno Shack. It can be found inside a door with an sitting next to it. This shops items and bonuses are as follows:

  • Food Pill- $2.50 (+30 Hp, +30 Guts)
  • Beef Jerky- $2.95 (+ 40, +30 Guts)
  • Energy Tank- $3.95 (+100 HP)
  • Microwave Chicken- $3.95 (+30 HP, +30 Guts, +1 Strength)
  • Fighting Software- $24.95 (+4 Strength, +4 Willpower, +4 Defense, +4 Speed)

Refill on health and boost stats as needed to prep for the showdown just down the hallway.

Final Boss: Gideon Graves

Scott has made it to the true Gideon Graves. The game’s last boss boasts delightful references to the comics and movie where the developers drew inspiration. In his final form, Gideon uses the following moves:

  • Sword Strike
  • Vertical Slash
  • Horizontal Slash 
  • Cross Slash
  • Blade Wave

On top of this, Gideon has a massive health pool in comparison to his previous forms. Be prepared for a battle of attrition, as it can be challenging to outlast him.

Be prepared for a more calculated foe who uses his special attacks sparingly.

Gideon will use Sword Strike most of all. This basic blade strike attack does boast substantial power, so evade when possible.

He’ll attempt Vertical and Horizontal Slashes to do quick single swipes with his blade that send Scott flying. When hit, try to recover quickly as this can get players locked in a combo.

Occasionally, Gideon will pull out Cross Slash, a move that merges the Vertical and Horizontal Slashes. This combo move will deal heavy damage and stun, so evade and look to attack in between his special abilities.

Gideon’s signature move is the Blade Wave, where he sends out energy from his blade for long-range attacks. Jump away or above these attacks to mitigate and negate any damage. Continue to hit him as he recoils from each move until his health is depleted.

When transported outside, give Gideon one punch to end this boss battle. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game has reached its conclusion. Be sure to stick around for the credits, as each character has their own ending to commemorate this achievement.

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