Sea Of Thieves: How To Complete All Novice Trials Of Adventure

With the introduction of Sea of Thieves Season One, pirates across the world have been grappling with the newly included trials. Each trial is made of several deeds that when completed unlocks renown for the player. Renown is the experience system used to improve your seasonal level, and improving your score unlocks a variety of rewards. While you will acquire more rewards if you’ve bought the season pass, you’ll also find a lot of goodies to collect on the free track as well, even more so if you’re a pirate legend.

But the way the trials are divided and explained can be a little tricky, and some of the challenges are a little tough. This guide will present all the Novice Adventure trials available in Season One, as well as instructions on how to complete them.

How to Complete Every Novice Voyager Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Purchase a Trading Company Voyage
  • Vote on a Voyage proposed by another pirate
  • Sail miles across the sea while on a voyage

The Novice Voyager trials are perhaps the easiest in all of Season One, and a great way of racking up some early renown in the game. The first deed in the Novice Voyager set is to purchase three Trading Company Voyages. This can be a from the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, or Merchant Alliance. Simply approach one of the representatives at any outpost and buy the three available voyages. Once you’ve bought the third, the deed should complete.

The Gold Hoarder’s are always found in a tent on the beach, the Order of Souls can be found underneath the premium store, and the Merchant Alliance can be found on the pier, near the shipwright and your ship.

If you’re short of money to buy all three, accept one of the voyages and head out on an adventure. You should gather enough loot to turn in and burn the other two.

The second trial requires you to be in a crew with at least one other player as you have to vote on a voyage proposed by another pirate. Let the other player buy a voyage and propose that voyage on the captains table of your ship. Once its laid out, simply vote for it to complete this trial. It doesn’t matter what voyage is proposed, or even if it gets voted on by the whole crew. You just simply have to vote for one that wasn’t proposed by yourself.

The final trial only wants you to sail five nautical miles while on a voyage. While there are other trials in the Trials of Adventure that simply require you to sail the Sea of Thieves, this one specifically requires you to do so while on a voyage. This means that over half the crew will have to vote for a voyage on the captains table to accept it, before the counter will start tracking your miles. The voyage in question can be from anyone, including Athena’s Fortune, if you happen to have a pirate legend with you. After its been accepted you just have to sail around until the deed is completed.

How to Complete Every Novice Sailor Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Perform a sharp ‘anchor turn’ move
  • Sail miles across the sea
  • Sail with all your sails billowing in the wind

The Novice Sailor Trials are simple tasks that encourage you to learn about the basics of sailing. Whereas the Voyager ones taught you about the administrations of the landlubber’s at the outpost, this deeds wants you to learn about the waves.

The first deed wants you to perform a sharp anchor turn move. To accomplish this, you’ll want to be in the open sea and sailing at relatively high speed. You don’t necessarily want the wind fully behind you, but you’ll need all your sails as open as possible. Once you’ve moving, put the steering wheel into a hard turn, as far to left or right as possible, and then drop the anchor. Once the anchor lands, your ship should spin almost all the way around, and this deed should complete.

The second trial is incredibly simple: all you need to do is sail five nautical miles on your ship. You can do this in a couple of minutes by simply sailing across the waves in any direction.

The final trial wants you to have all your sails billowing in the wind. This means that you’ll be moving at top speed. If you’re in a sloop, you only have one sail to angle, but a larger ship will require you to get all sails aligned perfectly.

Set sail for the open sea and look for the billows of winds and the direction they are heading in. If you’re struggling to read the wind climb to the crows nest and raise a flag, this will point the direction of the wind as well. Once you know which way its blowing, simply move the fully open sails until they open like a parachute in the wind. Once all the sails are doing that, you’ll hear a musical note and have the trial completed.

How to Complete Every Novice Story Seeker Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Talk to the mysterious stranger in any tavern
  • Begin any Tall Tale. The first Tall Tale is ‘The Shroudbreaker’, a book found next to the mysterious stranger in any tavern
  • During ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale, recover the ship log of the Magpie’s Wing

The Story Seeker trials want to show you some of the quests you can play during Sea of Thieves. While there is plenty of fun to be had setting sail on your own adventure, or taking Trading Company voyages, there are eleven Tall Tales you can complete to, which offer stories and puzzles across the islands.

The first trial in the Story Seeker trial simply wants you to talk to the mysterious stranger in any tavern, on any outpost in the game. When you first load into Sea of Thieves, you’ll probably see him watching you from the corner, simply approach him and speak to him and this trial will be complete.

After that, the second trial wants you to begin any Tall Tale. While this could be any one of the eleven available across the ocean, the trial heavily suggests that you start The Shroudbreaker. This Tall Tale can be found right next to the mysterious stranger in every tavern, and is the first Tall Tale in the story. You can replay it if you’ve already completed it, and simply starting it will finish this trial.

But you probably don’t want to immediately quit the Tall Tale, because the final deed in this trial requires you to recover the ship log of the Magpie’s Wing. This is one of the first objectives of the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale and requires you to find a shipwreck off the coast of an Uncharted Isle between The Crooked Masts and Crook’s Hollow.

You can look over the book and piece it together for yourself, but if you’re struggling, you can just head to N13 on the map. Once there you’ll have to go diving to find the wreck, and the logbook somewhere inside. Think about taking a blunderbuss with you as sharks can be seen in these waters, and make sure you’ve got some food to recover any health lost from drowning. Once you’ve collected the logbook, this trial and deed should be completed.

How to Complete Every Novice Merchant Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Deliver a Cargo Run’s items to their destination in any condition
  • Hand in a Gunpowder Barrel to the Merchant Alliance
  • Hand in an animal to the Merchant Alliance

A Novice Merchant will learn that everything in Sea of Thieves has a value, especially to Merchants Alliance.

The first trial wants you to delivery Cargo Run items to their destination in any condition. To do this you’ll need to be on a Cargo Run Voyage. You can purchase these from the Merchant Alliance on the pier of any outpost, or you can sometimes find them as messages in bottles on the beaches of islands.

Once you have the voyage accepted, look at where you need to pick up the items in question. If you’ve bought it from the Merchant Alliance at an outpost, it should be collecting the items from that same island, if not the same individual. Once you’ve found the person hiring you, they’ll hand over crates of goods that they want you to deliver. Each crate starts in perfect condition, but this can change on the journey.

The crates can be plants, clothe, or bottles. Plants need to remain a bit wet or they’ll dry out and lose their value, unlike clothe that must remain completely dry. Bottles on the other hand will break if the ship they’re on or the pirate carrying them takes damage. Thankfully, this trial only needs you to deliver one crate to its destination, and it doesn’t matter about the condition. So once you have the items aboard, check the delivery note on the crates to see where they are going and get them there to complete this trial.

The second trial needs you to deliver a Gunpowder Barrel to the Merchant Alliance. Any Merchant Alliance representative will accept a Gunpowder Barrel so you can turn them in to any outpost in Sea of Thieves. Gunpowder Barrels can be found on islands, bobbing in the waves, or in the hands of skeletons. Shooting or striking them will cause an explosion so be careful if you spot one during a fight.

Most crews will place Gunpowder Barrels in the crows nest of their ship to avoid them doing tremendous damage to the hull if they ignite. But be careful, as a storm might destroy any Gunpowder Barrels on the crows nest, and if it does explode, it will probably destroy your mast. Take it to the outpost without exploding it or yourself to complete this trial.

The final trial in this deed wants you to hand in an animal to the Merchant Alliance. Like the Gunpowder Barrels this can be done at any outpost in the game. But you will have to catch an animal first. Occasionally on islands you’ll see chicken, pig, or snake cages, which can be used to catch the namesake animals, also found throughout the islands. These can be quite rare, so it’s sometimes easier to buy a Trade Good Commission voyage from the Merchant Alliance itself. As long as the voyage includes the collection of any animals, the Merchant Alliance Representative will provide the necessary cages.

Once you’ve got a cage all you need to do is head to an island to seek out an animal to catch. Some islands don’t have many, or any, animals so feel free to move on if you don’t immediately find anything. Chickens and Pigs will flee as you try to catch them, so you’ll have to give chase. Snakes will stand their ground and attempt to poison you if you get to close. They will also continue to poison you in the cage as well. To avoid this, take another player with you and have them play music on any instrument. This will hypnotise the snake and prevent it from attacking.

Make sure not to accidentally drown the animals getting back to your ship by keeping the cage above water, or using a rowboat. And make sure to occasionally feed the animals too, as if you don’t they’ll die before you can turn them in. Finally, don’t put snakes near anything else on your ship as they will try and poison anything close by, including pigs and chickens.

Once you’ve managed to wrangle your animal, brought it aboard and prevented it from dying, simply hand it over to the Merchant Alliance to complete this trial, and this deed.

How to Complete Every Novice Bilge Rat Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Speak to Larinna outside any tavern
  • Kill a shark using a Gunpowder Barrel
  • Hand in an Ashen Key, Chest or Tome to Larinna or to the Reaper’s Bones

The Bilge Rat deed is probably the most advanced Novice Adventure one available, asking you to collect some higher tier booty, and fight sharks in unconventional matters.

The first trial though is very easy. Just outside every single tavern on every single outpost in the game you’ll find Larinna standing around, looking like a pirate. Talk to her and you’ll complete this trial.

The second trial wants you to kill a shark using a Gunpowder Barrel. First, you’ll have to find a Gunpowder Barrel, which can be spotted on the waves, islands, and in the hands of the skeletons of the game. Once you’ve found one, there are a couple of options for how to defeat a shark with it, but first, you’ll need to find a shark.

There are a lot of methods to find a shark but the easiest is to sail into the open sea, away from any islands, and jump into the water (but make sure to put the anchor down). Sharks will normally spawn within a couple of minutes to ‘encourage’ you to move on.

Once you’ve got your Gunpowder Barrel and you’re sharks, you’ll have to kill the shark with the Barrel. There are two methods, with different advantages depending on your playstyle. The first is the easiest: grab the barrel jump into the water and light the fuse. The explosion will kill you but you’ll get the shark too, and the shark will come towards you making the range easier.

The second method is to drop a barrel into the water and shoot it when a shark gets close. No one else has to die with this method, but the sharks might move away from the barrel. On top of that, a barrel floating in the water will eventually sink, so you can’t hang around too long waiting for the shark to pop. Whichever you manage it, the trial will unlock once the shark is dead.

The final trial wants you to hand in an Ashen Key, Chest, or Tome to Larinna or the Reaper’s Bones. As mentioned earlier you can find Larinna hanging outside of every tavern on the game. To turn anything into Reaper’s Bones, you’ll have to travel to the Reaper’s Hideout at I/J-12 on map. From there you can hand into Servant of the Flame in the strange structure on the island.

The keys, chests, and tomes are a little more difficult to find. You can purchase special voyages from Larinna that lead to the Keys and Chests, but if you’re playing a longer session you’ll probably come across one or more yourself. Occasionally on islands you will be attacked by Skeleton Captains. When you defeat these slightly tougher foes, you sometimes find Orders left behind. These quests will lead to an Ashen chest or a key. The chest is locked and needs an Ashen Key to unlock. Once opened they will reveal some treasure, including an Ashen Tome.

Obviously, you don’t need to do this as handing in the key or chest is enough to complete the deed. But if you happen to have a key and chest, the tome unlocks extra rewards when turned in, so it might be worth doing that.

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