Sega Teases What Could Be A Cosmic Smash VR Title

The Sega Dreamcast may be dead, but its games live on. Shenmue recently got its third title, and fans are eager to see the return of a new Sonic Adventure. Jet Set Radio is getting a spiritual successor in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (hopefully), and while Power Stone still seems to be dormant, I know there are fans just waiting for the return of the classic arcade brawler.

Another arcade game that fans ear eager to see more of is Cosmic Smash, the Breakout-like game where players traveled down a subway tunnel smashing tiles in a virtual game of squash. Cosmic Smash originally debuted in arcades back in 2001 before being ported to the Sega Dreamcast. Now over two decades later, Sega seems to be teasing a Cosmic Smash revival that'll be played in VR.

Sega started the teaser off with a tweet that sent fans to a site called "" The site is mostly just a countdown timer set to expire a little under 21 days from now along with some funky music and an animation that occasionally lets the viewer play pong against an AI opponent. The tweet read "eye c sth forming," which doesn't mean a whole lot, but the hashtag "#csmashvrs" seems to point to Cosmic Smash VRS as a potential title.

On top of that, VGC noted British VR developer Wolf & Wood retweeted Sega's teaser with a couple of eyeballs, and Japanese DJ Ken Ishii (who was featured on the 2001 Sega game Rez) also did the same thing. Several other Wolf & Wood devs also retweeted Sega, so this seems like an all-hands media blitz.

Cosmic Smash would be the perfect VR title. The player is essentially playing squash, but with the objective of hitting the ball at colored tiles. Break all the tiles to proceed to the next stage. The premise is simple, works in a limited play area, and requires the player to move around as they would in a game of squash. Throw in some psychedelic visuals and some electronic dance, and you've got something to take on Beat Saber.

I suppose we’ll find out on Sega’s teaser site in under three weeks.

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