Shadow Of The Colossus Players Are Still Discovering You Can Grab The Eagles

Shadow of the Colossus is a sixteen-year-old game, which means that if it were a child, they would be approaching adulthood. Originally released on the PS2, this poignant work of melancholy and grandeur garnered strong reactions from many who played it. Shadow of the Colossus was Japanese developer Fumito Ueda's second game following the 2001 release of Ico, a cult classic that recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Meanwhile, his second title inspired a devoted following who took to uncovering all of its secrets.

Althought the land of Shadow of Colossus features acres of green plains that can seem a bit barren, the world is populated by a variety of animals, and, for whatever reason, Ueda decided that you could interact with the creatures in un-obvious ways, although it took players time to discover these 'hidden' features. There were other secrets that awaited those who could not bear to leave the wondrous landscape that Team Ico created, with some gathering in groups online, dedicated to finding every last one. Some even spent years trying to discover easter eggs that were not even in the game, whilst perfecting techniques that enabled players to reach new areas of the map. One of these more advanced techniques involved flying.

This involved players manoeuvring Wander (the protagonist of the game) to jump and grab hold of the birds that flew through the game's sky. Some of these birds, which were hawks or kites and eagles, were strong enough to carry Wander far into the sky, and, if Wander's stamina was great enough, over a fair distance. Shadow of the Colossus was remastered first for the PS3, and then in a more substantial remake for the PS4, with the latter developed by remake specialists Bluepoint Games.

With the PS4 version of Ueda's classic, players discovered the game anew, and, it seems, the flying techniques. In a Tweet posted yesterday, Indie Gamer Chick alerted her followers to this 'trick'.

The popular games fan has been sharing her Shadow of the Colossus playthrough with her followers, and it seems her video of her flying has garnered attention, with many retweeting and liking the share. Indie Gamer Chick posted a follow-up tweet, with a video showing off her flying and horsing. Many comments expressed surprise at the trick. Grabbing onto the bird is in fact a trophy in the PS4 version of the game, which is a neat nod to the original.

Even in 2021, Ueda's magical creation seems to be enchanting many who are struck by the special atmosphere and qualities of his game. Now, these 'secrets' are being discovered anew.

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