Shoot Zombies With Your Digits In Dying Light 2 With Real Finger Guns

Firing off finger guns, muttering 'pew pew' under your breath while blowing the invisible, imaginary smoke from your fingertips – we've all done it, right? Right? Well, you can for real now in Dying Light 2 with a hidden blueprint.

There's a secret developer room (as spotted by PC Gamer) with a bunch of references to other Techland games, but among the museum of Easter Eggs, there's a blueprint called The Left Finger of gloVa. It lets you turn your left hand into a finger gun capable of blowing away your enemies – a certified fingerblaster.

The glove is a reference to Dead Islands' Left Hand of gloVA which was complimented in the first Dying Light by the Right Hand of gloVA. Both are a nod to lead designer Bartosz "Glova" Kulon. Maybe he's known for pulling out the finger guns in the office.

Also in the developer room is infinite durability for your weapons, so you can not only finger your way through Dying Light 2, but you can also avoid your knives and swords turning into scrap. Almost all the weapons are melee aside from the shotgun, Boomstick, which you find later in the story. Well, the Boomstick and the finger gun.

Getting to the developer room isn't too hard – you need to complete the Broadcast mission to get the Grappling Hook. After this, you head to the top of VNC Tower and glide over to Airdrop THB-UTo. The developer room is right underneath, but you have to take down the defence system.

However, even with the blueprint in hand, you're not done. You have to craft it as well and it's not cheap – it requires 369 scrap. And you might want that infinite durability as it will break after only 16 shots. Use it wisely or get that cheat-y charm equipped. But with it in hand, or with your hand pointed out, you'll be able to send people flying as though you're kicking them in the chest or launching a cannonball at their gut.

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