Should You Complete The Sheraldo Becker Rulebreakers SBC In FIFA 23?

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Sheraldo Becker gets a massive upgrade on his FIFA 23 base gold card, jumping up to an 86-rated Rulebreakers card. This is a rapid, rapid Striker from Bundesliga team, Union Berlin. You can choose between two different cards: one that is superior in pretty much every way, or one that can become Lengthy with the right chemistry style. This breaks down which one you should go for.

The card is relatively affordable for what might be quite a meta card. This is alongside the fact the Bundesliga doesn't have many excellent options for Strikers. Is it worth it? Let's get into it.

How Much Is Sheraldo Becker?

Becker's Rulebreakers card will require:

  • One 83-rated team with a Bundlesiga player and one 85+ in the team
  • An 84-rated squad with two 96+ rated players in the team

This puts the card at close to 60k or so. That's extremely affordable for this card and a big reason to consider doing it. In the similar price range of Falcao, and arguably this is a superior card. You can bring that price down ever further with some fodder from your club – especially that 83-rated squad.

Is Becker Worth It? Should You Complete The SBC?

This card looks really, really strong. Especially if you opt for the card with extra dribbling.

Here's a look at the stats on the two cards.

Card ACard B
  • 96 Pace, 85 Shooting, 82 Passing, 85 Physical, 75 Dribbling
  • 92 Pace, 85 Shooting, 78 Passing, 87 Dribbling, 88 Physical
Much better passing and slightly faster.Incredible pace, shooting, dribbling, and physical stats.
Although this card's pace is higher, we reckon that Card B is better.This is the card that we'd recommend out of the two.

Although left-stick dribbling isn't as important this year as it has been in the past, we still think that having a nifty player with high Agility and Balance down the middle is important for finding space in the box. That's why we've got to go with Card B (less pace, but extra Dribbling and Physical.)

HOWEVER. And this is important. The card with the poorer dribbling, i.e Card A in this case, can be made Lengthy with the correct chemistry style. If you really think Lengthy is broken, then Card A would be the choice for you. We really don't think it even compares, though.

Player Review

This card feels ridiculous. Alongside the big boost in stats, the card now also has a 2-star boost to his weak foot, which makes this a 3-star, 4-star card. You don't get those snazzy skill moves in the box, but you do get a card with excellent strength, dribbling, and finishing. An absolute monster, regardless of that poor passing. If you've built a Bundesliga team, this is a fantastic option to tide you over for the next few weeks. We took card B, with the better dribbling.

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