Sifu Has Already Reached Half A Million Players

Sifu is less than a week from its initial release, but it's already celebrating a major milestone. Developer Sloclap just announced Sifu has passed 500,000 in sales since arriving on February 8.

Perhaps one of the most innovative games in recent memory, Sifu combines the wizened kung fu master trope with a roguelike brawler featuring unique combat mechanics. The combination has proven to be obviously successful for Sloclap, not only resulting in sales but also rave reviews.

Our own George Foster gave Sifu a four out of five, calling it brutally difficult but also fabulously satisfying when you finally break through a level. ”As a game, it's one of the most engaging I've played in some time," wrote George, "it's just a shame that it won't appeal to all players thanks to its surprising difficulty and that it took some developmental liberties with representing Asian voices.”

As it turns out, Sifu's difficulty ramps up pretty quickly. According to PlayStation Trophy data, most players are getting stuck on the game's second level. Sloclap has promised players additional difficulty tuning as well as accessibility options in a future update.

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