Sifu: How To Beat Yang The Leader

Making it to the last level in Sifu feels like a big enough accomplishment on its own. However, there is one more intense challenge to overcome. Yang the Leader is the final boss and arguably the hardest fight in the entire game.

Though he seems absolutely impossible at first, there are a few weaknesses to exploit. Once you recognize his attack patterns and learn to dodge his quick and powerful blows, victory slowly becomes a realistic goal. You have made it this far, so it would be a real shame to give up and not see the game's ending just because of the last boss.

The Fights Before The Boss

Going through the level for the first time, you eventually find a keycard that unlocks a door early in the stage leading you right to the boss's doorstep. There are still a series of three fights in quick succession here. During the first fight, immediately do a sweep kick on the big guy talking to ambush him. The next fight is with a man and a woman.

The woman has less health and blocks less, so take her out first. There are bricks laying about that you can throw at either of them to even the odds. You can also get in a surprise combo on the last enemy holding a pole at the top of the steps while he is talking. Keep the fighting away from the stairs. If they knock you down them, it adds a lot of damage to their attack.

Yang The Leader: Phase One

Yang has a large variety of attacks. When he unleashes a flurry of punches, you easily down dodge these in quick succession. He also has a series of slower punches that he ends with a glowing kick. Dodge to the side to avoid this last kick.

He does a sweep kick which he telegraphs with a short run toward you. Dodge up to avoid this attack. He also sometimes stops and puts his hands behind his back. Taunt him with right on the d-pad to get him to attack again.

Yang The Leader: Phase Two

During the second fight, he retains the same moves while adding several more. A couple of combos now end with an abrupt leg sweep, so be ready to dodge up at a moment's notice. He has a combo that starts with a dash followed by two glowing punches, so dodge low to avoid these and then attack when he is done.

It is important to note that, during both phases, Focus attacks do not work against Yang. In fact, few abilities give you an advantage over this bout. Ground Counter is one of the few moves that might save you if Yang knocks you to the ground.

Sparing Yang The Leader

Sparing Yang the Leader, along with the prior bosses, unlocks the game's true ending. Like the other bosses, you can play the first phase exactly the same. During the second phase, start blocking and parrying more frequently.

Because his combos involve a series of punches, dodging all of them usually gives you all of your Structure back. Once you spare him, a third phase of the fight opens up where he has no health bar. Play similarly with dodges and attacks. Once this is done, you unlock the game's real ending and roll credits.

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